☁Divergent Movie Review☁


sooo I saw Divergent a couple days ago and omg was it amazing, I loved ittt 💞 It’s definitely up there with Hunger Games (: there’s been alot Of disappointing movie adaptations but Im glad to say this one was not one Of them.
The movie starts with Tris in front Of the mirror with her Mom cutting her hair in Abnegation just like in the books ❤ and from then on it was amazing
I loved how they kept some lines the same as the books like when Caleb said when she chooses she has to think about the family but also about herself; whenever lines stay the same I love it.
Shailene was such a perfect Tris omg A+ for her and Teo as Four that was 👌 Idc that he’s like 10 years older then Four was I didn’t even notice that as he played Four. When Christina asked about his name and he said Four and she said what 1,2, and 3 where taken? And then he laughs so I think it’s chill lol but then he goes to her and says the whole u should keep your mouth shut thing I was like daammnn lol and when Tris tries to talk to him while eating and he goes what makes you think you can talk to me? I was crying by that point lmao. Okay so was Edward even in that movie? Cuz I mean the only time I remembered he was a thing was when Eric chose him for Capture the flag and did they even show his face then? Wow poor guy but at least he has a bigger part in Insurgent, it really sucks that butterknife scene wasn’t there; getting to another thing I feel like Peters character wasn’t as cruel as the books tbh I mean he just came off as a rude asshole but not like as cruel the butterknife scene showed him. And wasn’t Tris on top Of that scoreboard at some point cuz I remember she was idk I read the book a little while ago. ERIC came off as the cruel asshole he is so that was good I loved when Four made that comment about how that rule wasn’t there when they  fought that was funny ❤ .okay so now Tris’ fear landscape is it just me or was there only 5 : crows, fire, water, intimacy, and killing her parents ; that’s 5 idk I only counted five did I miss one or something… but anyways so that intimacy scene lol I was 😂 at that too cuz everyone saw that lol I mean I KNEW that everyone saw it in the book but to see it in the movie just made it more real and funnier, especially before she had to shoot her parents and everyone thought it was over and she asked Four If he saw that (: but anyways the way Four pushed her on the bed and was all like what’s the matter aren’t you dauntless I was  lol. Now I cried sad tears alot in that movie too cuz I kept thinking ALLEGIANT! ALLEGIANT! especially in the ziplining scene that hit me the hardest 😭 it was so emotional and also cuz it was supposed to be Uriah and the rest Of the crew there and he put her on there instead it was just those random initiates …
And um the part where Tris became factionless that did not happen  but i liked that it was there so it created suspense for the non-readers. There’s alot Of small things that wherent there .that I noticed like after the choosing ceremony when they where gonna jump on the train and the red headed kid didn’t make it so he was now factionless. Idk I noticed that wasn’t there and it’sperfectly  fine I get it  but I just noticed
What elsse.. hmm the rest Of the casting was great, Christina was great, Jeanine was great, Caleb was great I mean Of course it’s Ansel ❤ and when she went to visit him and that meeting didn’t end too well cuz he chose faction before blood but it’s not his fault he’s an erudite not Divergent so technically he’s genetically damaged and besides that whole thing was burned into his head at a young age. Tris’ Mom was amazing too.
That Fourtris kiss was amazing toooo omg but after when she was like I wanna go slow lol priceless. I liked the Ferris Wheel though it was shorten it was still good the whole game was good. Al dying OMG 💔 but I feel like she didnt even mourn him she was like it’s all my fault to Four and then it was about how she’s gonna die too cuz she’s Divergent. Oh and the whole scene with the serum and they’re gonna go attack abnegation, Tris doesn’t move that much to get to Four lol how does someone not notice that?! She legit went up like 5 rows to get to Four like nooo ,but they kept the hand squeeze so that was nice 💞
The very end was perfect ❤
I rate it a:  9.5 /10⭐
If you haven’t seen it yet then go now it was one Of the best movie adaptation I’ve seen and I know it’s gonna be up there with Hunger Games 💞👌


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