❇More CoHF Art Snippets ❇




Clace and Sizzy 💞:)👌


Who is Jonathan ( i dont like reffering to him as Sebastian cuz im sure the real Sebastian was a nice guy) referring to and who’s he talking to?
I think it’s either he’s talking to Izzy or Magnus 😭 ik but yeaa I guess we’ll see


☁Emma Carstairs and Clarissa Fray ☁

And let’s not forget some Malec ❤

Update on 5/20
Jace surrounded In his heavenly fireee.


This is apparently Luke reaching out for Amatis, and I’m confused wasn’t Amatis turned evil, or didn’t she die? I’m going to re-read the last two books like This weekend to freshen up cuz I dont remember.

And finally This – Alec and Izzy – and I’m NOT even going to talk about This or what it could mean just no bye.


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