●City Of Heavenly Fire Theories●


Release Date: May 27th,2014
Okay so Its known that 6 characters we know by name will die in the book. I think that Alec is going to die because I feel like she’s gonna break up one Of the main ships and that’s Malec, Clace or Sizzy and Im pretty sure she won’t break up Clace and Im just reluctant about Sizzy cuz I love them so much and I don’t think Magnus will die so it’s Alec and it has been foreshadowed in previous books. As for the other 5 idk I think Maureen, maybe Luke, I think maybe Jonathan will be turned good, that would be so amazing (: I think that maybe one Of the Lightwood parents might die, Maia or / and Jordan might also die but for those Im not super sure.
I was thinking wouldn’t it be great If Clary and Isabelle become parabatais; I think it’d be amazing 🌸
Okay now to the ending, I genuinely believe that the ending will be a happy one, maybe with an epilogue. Here’s why I think the ending will be a happy one; okay so it’s a known fact that TMI was supposed to be a trilogy, I found out about TMI last July when I first saw the trailer and I was in awe, it looked so interesting so I looked it up and was happy to find out it was a series, so I immediately went and bought all the books on my e-reader, but before that I actually read the plot summary on Wikipedia for CoB which spoiled the book for me but it was so good that I read it for all Of them which actually spoiled the whole series for me but it didn’t make it any less amazing as I read them, it was actually so frustrating cuz I knew all along that Clace weren’t actual siblings and I was yelling at the book so many times during CoA and the whole beginning Of CoG but anyways so City Of Glass was supposed to be the last book and that book had such a happy ending, I mean Valentine was dead, Sebastian was dead, Jocelyn and Luke and Clace were together and Simon had two girls at his tail; it was perfect. Now let’s get to Clockwork Princess (spoilers ahead in italics ) the ending Of the book was a happy one, I mean what happened in the epilogue with Will it was heartbreaking but it’s not like something we didn’t know was gonna happen, just actually reading about it made it so much more real and heartbreaking but you know Will got his life with her and Jem is gonna get his life with her (damn lol Tessa is literally winning ) but anyways I thought that book was really amazing and had a nice ending.
So back to what I was saying thats already two books that ended a series that had a happy end so Im sure about the end Of City Of Heavenly Fire will be a happy one preferably with Clace ❤
She says there’s two weddings and I think it’s Jocelyn and Luke and Jace and Clary have their “sorta” wedding :D💜
Tessa meets Clary omg that was my favorite snippet, I hope she meets Jace too and idk If she’ll see Jem there because apparently the Epilogue Of Cp2 takes place after CoHF, but it seems unlikely that they don’t come across each other when they’re dealing with the same people… but idk I guess we’ll see.
Jem sees Church again (: awe
I still want to know how that cats still alive lol ( I bet it has something to do with Magnus;💤💤 I actually found out and it didn’t have something to do with him; in Clockwork Angel remember it was Jem who found him, well apparently The magic The Dark Sisters had practiced on him made him immortal )
I need to read The Bane Chronicles, that might give some clues towards CoHF because all of her work somehow fits into a huge puzzle.

(Added in on May 4th) –
So I was reading the epilogue of ClockWork Princess again the other Day **SPOILERS** and Jem had said that it had been a dark year for shadowhunters .and i don’t know just how bad the stuff happening Im CoHF Fire is gonna be but Jem saying that is just confirmation it’s gonna be very bad. This battle isn’t going to be like the one against Valentine and Jonathan in CoG it’s going to be worst. I mean we already know they’re going into the demon realms and no one in their right mind would go in there unless it was absolutely necessary. Im So scared but excited at the same time! The book comes out in 23 days! :D:'(
(Added In on may 20th)
So I don’t know if you’ve all seen Christines theorie video about Izzy being Valentine’s daughter which actually makes a lot of sense now that I think about it; but there’s something else I want to talk about.
This was released by Cassandra Jean a few weeks ago and I want to discuss. (I have a bunch of others like This In my CoHF Art Snippets and More CoHF Art Snippets )

I have a theory about This picture. I don’t think This is Jonathan trying to kill Jace. I think This is someone trying to suck out the heavenly fire from Jace; because as you can tell the fire is surrounding the sword right? And as soon as This got released Cassie knew that everyone would immediately think it was Jonathan killing Jace and not give it a second thought. Now as to who is actually holding the sword my theory is that it’s Jonathan but maybe after he was turned good again (if that happens) orrr it’s Jem. Because maybe this was before he was completely cured and before his hair turned back to it’s original dark shade. Orr this is one of the new characters from the LA institute? Mark? Julian? Idk guys lol by this point i just need the book right now to just know . Also the guy holding the sword does not have any runes ….. but then again neither does Jace so yea…I just don’t think Cassie would’ve allowed This to be released if the message was that obvious; she’s been very sneaky with all the snippets we got. Anyway that was a theory (:

(Added In on May 26th)
Just a few hours guyss!
I’m just going through CoFA AND CoLS right now to refresh my memory.
I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier but I don’t think Sebastian is going to die; I think that along with the cure for Jem, they’ll find the cure for him and they’ll de-demonize. I know that maybe the actual cure for Jem might be Jaces Heavenly Fire but that’s known. (It actually wasn’t a known fact lol) Jonathans hair have been sometimes referred to as silvery white and I don’t know if that’s referencing to Jem In any ways. Maybe the cure for Jem is the same as for Jonathan. (I was actually right about this lol (: )
{the two bold were added in on June 21 yay x )

In CoFA on pages 108&109 it’s referencing to how Jocelyn was crying over “the son she would’ve had ” and “the brother Clary would’ve had ” and I think were going to find that out. Also on Twitter a fan asked Cassie how Jonathan would’ve turned out had Valentine not done what he did; and she replied you’ll find out now that can only mean one thing; he’s going to be cured. Fingers crossed that happens because I actually do like him.
I’m so excited.

That’s it for now, If I remember or think Of something else i’ll add it in :D🌸


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