❎Allegiant/mini Mockingjay Rant❎


This Will Contain Allegiant Spoilers obviously but also Mockingjay spoilers so If you haven’t read that then you shouldn’t read this cuz Im gonna use it in there (:
Okay soo the ending Of the book…I hated it.
It’s not even just cuz Tris died, If she had died and I understood the whole reasons I wouldn’t have been mad; let’s look at Mockingjay for example, Prim died but that I understood, it sucked and it hurt but I understood why Suzanne killed her off. Here’s the thing; Prim was the whole reason why this whole thing started ,If she hadn’t been called then Katniss wouldn’t have volunteered and none Of this woulda happened, so it made sense that in Mockingjay once the fight was over and she won, that the flame; the spark that started the revolution died along with it (ya feel? )
As for Finnick that I hated too, his death was totally unnecessary and pointless and If the rumors going around are true ,then Suzanne realizes it too.  When an author kills off a loved character If I get it then I get it but once i don’t get it that’s when I get mad. Now back to Tris, I watched her talk about it and explain why she did it, But No I still don’t think that’s reason enough, I honestly feel like Veronica saw authors killing off leads and decided hey why nott let me do that too for No reason. And Uriah OMG don’t even I was literally already so pissed about Tris, I did not need this; I really genuinely believed Uriah was gonna wake up, it did not even cross my mind that he wouldn’t make it,especially not after the stunt she had just pulled with Tris but noooo… she just had to, she said that was the hardest thing for her and she couldn’t find a way to change it like really!? it would have been easy to just make him wake up, that’s probably what everyone expected to happen and when it didn’t my heart just tore. and Yes it sucked even more that Four had something to do with it 💔
And the ziplining scene omg I cried during the movie in that scene with Tris cuz I was thinking about this scene with Four and OMG when I say No book has ever killed me as much as Allegiant did, I mean I’ve read TFiOS and again what happened in that book I understood, it ripped my heart but I understood, but with Allegiant that was like walking barefoot on broken glass it just hurt so much….
And then the epilogue you get TWO AND A HALF YEARS LATER….  I liked how he reconciled with his Mom though that was nice but IT DID NOT IN ANY WAY MAKE UP FOR THE REST OF EMOTIONAL TURMOIL THAT BOOK CAUSED, I  DON’T THINK ANYTHING COULD TBH.
so yea those are my thoughts, I had to let them all out with No cursing cuz trying to keep this PG lol


4 thoughts on “❎Allegiant/mini Mockingjay Rant❎

  1. Layla says:

    I see your point. I’m still upset about Tris but her reason made me a little less upset but I was still upset, but I liked that she gave a reason behind doing it. About Uriah I was thinking the same thing, I really didn’t think he wasn’t gonna make it and that made me mad. Also about Prim and Finnick in MockingJay, I agree 100%, and what rumor exactly?


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