♣The Infernal Devices becoming a TV show?♣


Okay so it’s no secret there’s been talk about The Infernal Devices becoming a tv show, but I actually don’t want that to happen.
Here’s why okay tv shows are great and all that but TID is too amazing for that,I feel like it’s one Of those series that is fine as a book; and If it were to be adapted it should be adapted to a movie but everything should be kept the same. With a tv show they will change so many things to drag it on for many seasons and it just won’t work out I mean it’s only 3 books long, not like other books to shows like PLL for example which has like 12 books I think, and I lovee that show it’s My favorite but I know that it’s nothing like the books I mean even the characters don’t look like the way they were described in the book, I havent read the books but I did read the plot summaries which summarized the whole book with spoilers so I know pretty much all that happened, and I mean they kept some things the same like Mona being A but alot Of it is not which is fine again I love the show but TID is just soo good as a book that I feel like it should stay that way unless they make it into a GOOD movie, like keep it the same just like Catching Fire and that probably won’t happen so I think it should stay a book. Maybe the production company that has Catching Fire can pick it up and make it into an amazing 2+ hours long movie cuz it would be awesome to see My fav characters come to life but only If it is in the right way and as amazing as they truly are 💞:D


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