⛄March 2014 | Wrap Up & April TBR☀


I read 6 books in The month of March.
🌷The Indigo Spell (3rd book in Bloodlines series)
🌷The Fiery Heart (4th book in Bloodlines Series)
🌿The Hush Hush Saga (consists of 4 books)
💤I actually finished Finale in early April but Im counting it for March anyways (: 💤

Mini Non-Spoilers Review of each:

The Indigo Spell –
It’s the third book in The Bloodlines Series which is a spinoff Series of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. The Series follows Vampire Academy characters Adrian Ivashkov, Sydney Sage , Jill Mastrano, and Eddie Castille . Basically Jill’s life is in danger after she was attacked In The moroi Court and they are sent to protect her. Throughout The Series loved characters from VA such as Dimitri Belikov ,Rose Hathaway, Lissa Dragomir, Christian Ozera and others make appearances. If you haven’t read VA yet and are interested in reading This then definitely read VA first because you will get major spoilers in Bloodlines because it’s set after The end of The VA Series. Now onto The actual book, its more about Syd and The gang finding Marcus Finch and learning more about This Alchemist That broke from them. I can’t talk much about it without spoiling The previous books and I want This to be non spoilers so ill just say That I loved The book. It was my favorite from The Series (but then I read Fiery Heart ) So definitely check it out (after VA ) xx
I rate The book:  5/5 🌟

The Fiery Heart –
This is the 4th book in The Bloodlines Series and The last one out rn. Like I said before I loved it and I love Bloodlines, it was just as good as The Indigo Spell, So definitely check out The Series (: It has alot of romance in it ( a specific couple 😘;)) if you’ve read I I ft you know who Im talking about xx
I rate it a:  5/5 🌟

Hush Hush Saga –
It’s a four book Series consisting of
Hush Hush
I’ve already posted a full review on Finale which also wraps up my thoughts on The Series overall ,I give it a rate and everything So check That out (:
But just wrapping it up, my least favorite book was Crescendo, my favorite was Silence
In order from least to favorite
4)  Crescendo
3) Hush Hush (I really enjoyed it though)
2) Finale
1) Silence
I really enjoyed Hush Hush The first one just not as much as Finale x
Overall I would recommend you to read it if you like fantasies and love reading about Angels and Nephilim and That kind of cool stuff (:

Hush Hush: 4/5 🌟
Crescendo: 3-3.5/ 5 🌟
Silence: 4.7/5 🌟
Finale: 4.5/5 🌟
Series overall:  4/5 🌟 (doing The actual math its about a 4.2/5 :))


April TBR:
Percy Jackson Series (Im currently almost done with Lighting Thief)
Love Reborn (3rd and final book of The Dead Beautiful trilogy)


Love Reborn by Yvonne     Woon

Hopefully I also get to read:
Forbidden by Tabitha Suzama
Along with a couple other stand alone books such as
Eleanor and Park + Fangirl -both by Rainbow Rowell

I have more That are on my immediate TBR list but I probably wont get to them all in April but Im trying to get to as many as I can cuz come The end of May Im dropping any book im reading for City Of Heavenly Fire (:

I hope you enjoyed and got some recommendations. Happy Reading :)😘💘


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