Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightning Thief | Review


So I finally got to The Lighting Thief and I finished it in about 2-3 days. I had watched The movies before because it was on tv and I wanted to watch it. You know I loved That movie, but everyone else hated it and I can now see why, it was an amazing movie just a horrible adaptation; which has been pretty common. But The movie was still a great movie on it’s own. Im currently halfway through Sea Of Monsters and I’ve already seen that movie as well and I don’t think it was That much better then Lightning Thief, I mean by The second movie they shouldve realized and fixed their mistakes but That didn’t really happen and BTW movie Luke is So much more likeable and funny then book Luke, that’s why I really liked him in Lighting Thief and still in Sea of Monsters, I mean I still don’t really hate him in The books I mean for all I know  he might turn good later on :D.
And The beginning Annabeth had a crush on him I mean what did she expect to happen? The guys 19 and you’re 12 …..
But anyways I could stop and pinpoint a bunch of stuff that was different in The movie but I think you all know them already (:
Oh and can someone someone tell me when some Percabeth is gonna happen? I mean I know they’re 12 and all but still lol
I know it’s not in The first 2 books cuz they would include it in The movies.
But anyways I really really enjoyed The book, it was a fast read for me and So is Sea Of Monsters rn; ill probably finish it before The end of The day x
I rate it a:  5/5 🌟
Hope you have a great day:)
Happy Reading 😘


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