Percy Jackson and The Olympians : The Sea of Monsters |Review


I finished this book a couple days ago, and I actually just finished The Titans Curse which is its sequel, so I will be putting a review on that soon. As you probably know if you’ve read my review on The Lightning Thief (its prequel) I am really enjoying this series. All the three books from the series I’ve read so far have been quick reads for me. I also really enjoyed this book. I did watch the movie already so I knew some of what was gonna happen; I say some because the movie did change and leave out some parts of the book, but again if you’ve read it and seen the movie,you know all that was modified.

Since I read this in e-book format I highlighted some parts that I wanted to talk about in my review, so I will go on my phone and look at them now and discuss them.

The Bermuda Triangle” okay so this whole series is making me think my whole life has been a lie. It was interesting for me to find out that The Bermuda Triangle is actually The Sea Of Monsters; and The Bermuda Triangle is very real, so makes me start thinking….. what else is also real (:

When Hermes said he invented the Internet (: I laughed out  loud at that.

“Go to Tartarus” she said.

“That’ s when all Hades broke loose”

Both those weren’t said in the same scene but it was funny. I was just like really?… I really liked the humor in the book.


When Annabeth said that, it all clicked because I had read that part of The Odyssey before, and when they said the Cyclops was almost blind because of a previous hero, it started to come back to me but I wasn’t sure until Annabeth said the Nobody reference. I really love Greek Mythology and hopefully some day I’ll finish The Odyssey because I know its a very long story.

” I am Thalia , the girl said. “Daughter of Zeus”

I knew this was gonna happen because of the movie but it was still pretty cool.Now it could mean the whole prophecy was about her .( I’ve read The Titans Curse so I know what happens regarding her anyways but that’s for the next review) It would be so cool to be a demigod; I personally would like to be the Daughter of The Big Three, preferably Poseidon because I could somewhat control the Sea and Percy’s powers are literally so cool.I wouldn’t want Zeus because he seems meaner, but power over the sky sounds cool too. Also Hades because apparently that’s power over the Earth/Dead ( I don’t know too much about it yet) or Aphrodite because she seems cool, and she’s the Goddess of Love.

Oh and one thing about the movie, Kronos rose in that movie and I was waiting for it to happen in the book but it didn’t, I mean that’s a pretty big thing to change in the movie, I did find it interesting but still. I still enjoy the movies, they changed them a lot true, but it was still interesting. A lot of times what production companies do is make the movie so that it will please all the non-readers, which it does but a lot of the people going to watch it first are the readers, and if they’re disappointed then the movie fails; even though they didn’t really fail, they still made a lot of money in the end.

I rate the book a : 5/5 🌟🔱

I definitely recommend it to everyone whether you’re 10 or 20, I feel like a lot of audiences would enjoy this book, even though it’s a children’s book.



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