Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Titan’s Curse |Review


I finished The book a couple days ago and now Im halfway through The Battle Of The Labyrinth (it’s sequel) . Everyone told me This was their favorite of The Series and So far it’s mine too. It was just great, and also a quick read for me, like The others.
He met all 12 Olympians in This book.

My favorites personally are Apollo and Aphrodite.

Apollo is just The coolest he’s like a regular 19 year old kid. I mean when Percy said he had earphones at The meeting I was just like how much cooler can This guy get, he’s amazing, my favorite.

Aphrodite She’s just a cool chick I guess, I mean She’s The Goddess of Love So it’s hard not to love her I guess, she spoke of Percabeth and she just seemed cool even though The rest of The group said never to trust her. I don’t know what She’s sees in Ares though, I guess she likes The bad boys, I do too a little but The God of War is a little extreme (: .

Artemis  seems cool too. I can’t believe Thalia actually joined them but I get why she did it, I like her She’s cool.

Oh and let’s talk about Athena. What a disappointment she turned out. The way she talked to Percy and she was like ” Im proud of my daughter too but The other two are dangerous ” like Shut up. Then she goes on to tell Percy “I don’t approve of your friendship with my daughter ” I was laughing at that because it’s gonna be way more then a friendship. But still I was So disappointed, I’ve always admired Athena she was always my favorite before, she was So intelligent and just wow in my eyes, and her name was Athena like that’s such a perfect name. So I was very sad and disappointed in her for that.

Hermes is the second coolest probably. He’s great.

You know I have a feeling Luke is going to be turned good. I mean he’s escaped death way too many times to just simply die at The end of The Series. Also Annabeth said he was under Kronos’ spell So maybe there’s hope for him after all if he’s under spell. I’ve always liked Luke, even in The movie I liked Luke, So Im always gonna root for him because I have hope like Annabeth, let’s see if Im right :).
Oh and one more thing it’s pretty obvious that he cares alot for Annabeth and Thalia, I got The feeling that Thalia might of had liked him even more then just a friend, just like  Annabeth did, but I think he might’ve returned The feelings for Thalia, Im not sure, but if Im right then The fact that she thought he was evil and dead might’ve also influenced her choice to join The Hunt.

I rate The book a:  5/5 🌟

Im currently reading The next one and it’s also really good.


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