Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Battle Of The Labyrinth | Review/BookTalk


I finished The book last night and as expected I loved it. It was really great, I still prefer The Titan’s Curse So far but This isn’t too far behind it, it’s probably my second favorite.
In This book, Percy, Annabeth, Grover and Tyson go on a new quest to try and save The camp. It’s actually Annabeth’s quest; it’s also her first one.
Now Ill be going over specific parts in The book.
So The book starts off with Percy going to his new schools orientation at The end of June. The school also happens to be where his mom’s new boyfriend works. So as soon as Percy gets in he notices Rachel Elizabeth Dare who is The girl we met back in Titan’s Curse; So he tried to avoid her and goes in another entrance and runs into a couple cheerleaders who actually turn out to be something else. Okay when they turned – Tammi and Kelli- and Percy described them as “vampires ” I was like wait wait wait what, Im not sure ,correct me if Im wrong,  but I don’t think Vampires are part of Greek Myths, So when the story took that turn I was like no please c’mon don’t involve vampires into this, but turns out they weren’t vampires; they turned out to be “empousai ” servants of Hecate, and the vampires legend was based on them.

Some Grover has a girlfriend now 🙂 OMG that part let me quote it:

What’s wrong, Juniper?” Juniper sniffled. She wiped her silky sleeve under her eyes. “It’s Grover. He seems so distraught. All year he’s been out looking for Pan. And every time he comes back, its worse. I thought maybe, at first, he was seeing another tree.”
“No,” Annabeth said as Juniper started crying. “I’m sure that’s not it.”
“He had a crush on a blueberry bush once,” Juniper said miserably.
“Juniper,” Annabeth said, “Grover would never even look at another tree. He’s just stressed”

Okay I was laughing So hard at this, they were talking like dating a tree is a completely normal thing, which granted nothing about This Series is normal, but I just found This funny.

Let’s talk about Nico, I really love that kid.
Yea he was pissed at Percy and was trying to raise Bianca but I dont blame The kid. Even though Bianca abandoned him he still loved her and he wanted Percy to keep her safe and that didn’t happen. I never really believed he was mad at Percy for that, he was just upset. In the end he comes around and I really love him. Besides he’s the son of Hades like that’s super cool. His powers are soo cool, the children of the Big Three have the coolest powers; Percy with his control over The sea – that whole thing he did in the volcano that caused the eruption and all, that was pretty cool – Thalia we didn’t really see much of her powers but that quarrel with Percy in Titan’s Curse was also pretty cool, and Nico omg he’s just cool, his powers, he can talk to the dead which some people might find creepy but I find it cool, his whole power over the Earth as stuff. I feel like he grew up so much since Bianca died and his childhood got taken away from him because he’s still pretty young. That sucks but he’s badass and again, I love him and I’ll always root for him. I don’t know how he does in The Last Olympians and The Heroes Of Olympus Series but I hope he’s awesome and good.

Percabeth really started brewing in this book, when Annabeth opened her arms for a hug from him at the beginning after she hear her quest, then the kiss, then at the end of the book before he left, I felt like more could’ve had happened there but it didn’t but that’s okay; slowly but firmly.
Oh Percy’s trip to Ogygia , that was super sad. The girl Calypso she was so sweet, and I really felt for her; she falls for a bunch of guys who can’t stay with her. I would’ve shipped them had Annabeth not been in the picture; and I really hope and I really think that she gets her happy ending.
When Percy returned to camp after that and everyone thought he was dead, and Annabeth was starting to make her speech awe. Then she saw him and hugged him then she got mad because she was jealous and it absolutely blows my mind how oblivious man are tbh Even Chiron noticed it.
When Annabeth met Rachel again and they were talking about how it went at the school after Percy left and Rachel said:

They asked me a lot of questions about you. I played dumb.
Was it hard? Annabeth asked.

I was laughing so hard, Annabeth is queen and shes so cute when shes jealous.
The end when Poseidon came to his party and Percy was like it was the best birthday present he could ask for, that was so sweet; and then Poseidon goes on to tell him that he was his favorite son; melted my heart.
Overall I really enjoyed this book, just like the others. The Titan’s Curse is still my favorite, but this one is not too far behind it.
I rate the book a : 5/5
Its amazing, go check it out if you haven’t. Happy Reading!


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