Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Last Olympian |Review

imageFinished it yesterday (Wednesday) I don’t know when This will go up.  Anyway let me just say that I loved it. I know I said previously that The Titans Curse was my favorite of The Series, but not anymore, This one takes The throne (: in The end I will list them from favorite to least favorite, even though I loved them all but some more then others.


All I can say is that if you haven’t read this series yet, then definitely do ASAP. It’s amazing , the characters, the plot, the story, the journey you take, its all incredible. I can guarantee that there’s a 99% chance of you liking it. I have not come across a single person who dislikes this series. I hope you check it out (: x

Spoilers Ahead! 

I had The physical copy to read This time So I couldn’t highlight but I put in a bunch of bookmarks on pages were there were things to talk about So here we go.
The book starts off with Percy and Rachel and they’re having fun; Rachel invited him to a vacation (horrible timing btw) and anyways when Beckendorf and Blackjack The Pegasus appeared that’s when The Battle begins; and that kiss Rachel gave him, that was cute The way she said

“If these two people liked each other, what would it take to get The stupid guy to kiss The girl, huh? “

I like Rachel She’s a nice girl and I would Ship them but Percabeth all The way. And besides she can’t be with anyone anyways, She’s The new Oracle.
So Beckendorf goes on to die, he sacrifices himself for something that was really unnecessary if were being honest. Then Silena his girlfriend was all upset and at first I did suspect her to be The spy, but after awhile she grew on to me and I liked her. In The end when it was revealed she was The spy, I felt a little betrayed but I still liked her and she redeemed herself and I was proud of her, I hope her and Beckendorf are happy and together now ❤
Okay So when Nico took him to The Underworld and had tricked him and took him to his Dad instead, I didn’t for a second doubt him, I honestly I love Nico he’s probably my favorite male character in The book; I mean dont get me wrong I love Percy but Nico he’s just so amazing, I can’t explain it. I usually fall for The dark sad tortured souls ones ,they’re perfect in my eyes ( Will, Adrian and now Nico ❤) So anyways I understood, he just wanted to know more about his family and who can blame him? The kid is all alone, he deserved to know The truth. Yes granted it was a bit naive of him to actually believe his Dad but Hey he’s just a kid, a very strong brave powerful and awesome kid but still a kid and everyone makes mistakes,  like not making him swear on The River Styx; Percy has made that same mistake numerous times So it’s fine. Then Nico came to rescue him and he was So upset that he’d lost Percy’s trust and I felt So sad for him but it all turns out alright (:
Oh after Percy bathed in The River, that badass fight he had with Hades army I was like you go Percy you go!  He’s amazing.

So when Percy went into the Hudson/East River and was having that conversation with the river gods,  that whole scene was pretty cool, and we found out what the sand dollar is for.

When Percy was gonna fight a ghost from the past aka The Monitor and he asked Annabeth if he gets a kiss for good luck because its a tradition now and she said ” come back alive, then we’ll see” that was just awe (:

Okay so the whole deal with Clarisse, I was so annoyed, like the fight that could end the world is happening and you decide not to join because you’re pride was hurt? It must of had been pretty hard considering she’s the daughter of Ares and all, she’s all about war. But I really do like Clarisse, she was a pain sometimes but she’s a likeable character. When Thalia showed up with the hunters, I was positive it was Clarisse; but I was glad it was Thalia, she’s great. When she actually showed up and after Silena died she was so mad which made her more badass, during Sea of Monsters she was just plain stupid and desperate, after that fight I like her better.  The end after the war was over and her dad was all proud of her, that was cute,she deserved it.

When Rachel showed up in the helicopter, and Annabeth flew it in the end , that was just wow. But after that when she got jealous it kind of got a bit annoying, I hate it when people are overly jealous- that’s what I hated about Nora from Hush Hush- but I felt like this one was one too many, at first it was cute, but there’s a line, and I think Rick realized too because after that she didn’t have another jealous moment and she was back to the Annabeth I knew and loved.

So let’s get to the really sad part. Luke died. I was sad because I really liked Luke, I had faith in him from the start, I liked movie and book Luke. In my eyes he also died a hero. When he asked Annabeth if she loved him and she said no , he was like a brother to her, I was yelling “LIES!” because maybe she really didn’t like that, but at some point she really believed she did. Anyways I really loved and will always love Luke Castellan, he’s a hero. RIP Luke Castellan- Son of Hermes.

The ending, that whole scene in Olympus when the Gods are thanking their childrens was just awe. Zeus is a scary dude but it’s obvious he cares for Thalia, which is more then I can say for Hades even though he said something nice about Nico at the end I don’t forgive him, he’s horrible. He’s one of my least favorites along with Hera and Athena ( she tried to be nice a little bit at the end so she gained points for that.) Everyone got promotions and I was so happy for Annabeth. So Percy got offered to become a God. I knew he wouldn’t accept but still wow, that’s a big deal! When he looked at Anna and she was on the verge of crying and he declined and she looked so happy, my heart burst (: And the end when he finally opened up about how he felt, and she kissed him! Then Clarisse showed up with the rest of the camp and they were like “FINALLY!!” I couldn’t have agreed more, then the underwater kiss which Percy thought and I quote ” And it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time” oh that was perfect.

I loved the book, I really hope they continue with movies because this one in particular would make a fantastic  movie, it has everything.

The Percy Jackson journey has been an incredible one, and I can’t wait to continue on soon enough with the Heroes of Olympus series and start that journey later on (:

I rate the book a : 5/5 

Now onto my favorites in order:

1) The Last Olympian

2) The Titan’s Curse

3) The Battle of The Labyrinth

4) The Lightning Thief

5) The Sea Of Monsters


Not to say I didn’t like The Sea Of Monsters, I loved it, just loved the others a bit more and so on.

If you have not yet read this series ( why are you still reading this? you just got major spoilers ) , then I strongly suggest you do. It’s amazing, you will be hooked, and it will definitely remain in your heart,  trust me, you shall never forget about Percy Jackson.

~ Happy Reading! From one Book Lover to another xoxo ~


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