Bout of Books 10.0 Updates!


Instead of posting a new update each time I decided I would be updating this one throughout the week instead and at the end of the week I will make a Wrap Up post.

Monday (Day 1): I continued reading Alienated which I had started on Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday (Day 2): I finished Alienated at around midnight.
Total Number of Pages Read In So Far: 344

Wednesday*Today* (Day 3) : I started reading Anna and The French Kiss and Im currently on Chapter 17 (page 154) and Im loving it So far xx
Number of Pages Read: 154
Number Read In total so far: 498

Thursday (Day 4): I finished Anna and the French Kiss (:
Number of pages read : about 218 because I can’t remember exactly how many pages the book has right now but the number is read is around that number; I’ll fix it to the exact one later.
Review will be posted as soon as I finish writing and posting the Alienated review; I haven’t had the time to because I spent most of the extra time I had reading so I could finish up the book.
Number of Pages Read Today: 218
Number read in total so far: 716
-So far I’ve finished 2 books for the read-a-thon –

Friday *Today* (Day 5) : I haven’t started reading anything yet because Im at school but when I get home I’m going to pick up The 5th Wave
I ended up reading 105 pages
Number Read In Total So Far: 821

Saturday *Today* (Day 6) : I started reading The 5th Wave last night ,and now it’s about noon on Saturday and Im going to continue reading. I’ll update tonight on how much I got done.
*update at 1:17 am (Sunday morning technically:)) * I got up to page 321
Number of pages read today: 216
Number read in total so far: 1037 :)👍
Sunday (Day 7):
Finished The 5th Wave
Number of Pages Read: 136
Number Read In Total: 1173
It’s over now (: I read over 1000 pages x


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