Let us talk about The Vampire Diaries Season Finale

This will be filled with SPOILERS so if you haven’t watched yet then bye!(: and if you haven’t watched the show at all, please do it’s very good!


Did anyone else watch the season finale that aired on Thursday because Im not over this; please discuss. 
I am so mad!
Damon CANNOT I repeat CANNOT be dead! Or Undead whatever I dont care; he will not stay on the other side or be sucked into that stupid whole or whatever. If Damon does not come back I will cease watching this show; and I know Im not the only one, so producers and writers; think about that for next season.
Lexi, what she did was really sweet. I did want her to be back but she made the sacrifice, she’s amazing and an amazing to best friend.
I also love how she pointed out the chemistry between Stefan and Caroline and I’ve known it was there for awhile; although Im still shipping #Klaroline (I gotta catch up on The Originals to know what’s going on with him)
I had a feeling that Damon wouldn’t come back after he told her about his suicide mission; I was a little reassured when Elena offered to come with him but it still turned out the way I thought it would 💔
Alaric is back which is great and Tyler is no longer a hybrid or werewolf for that matter which I really don’t care much about because I don’t care for him really. I didn’t pay attention to any of that because I was too upset over Damon. Ugh that stupid witch and her idiot of a brother; no one cares if she dies! Only like 5 more seconds and DAMON would’ve been back and she would’ve been just fine!


In case you couldn’t tell; Im a hardcore #Delena shipper. They’re my OTP (one of the many lol) but they’re probably at the top regarding TVshows .
If you watched share your thoughts, I’d love to know xx


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