Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins | Book Review

General Info:
Title & Author: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.
Genre: YA, Contemporary
Series: First in a companion trilogy. Followed by Lola and the Boy Next Door
Page Count: 372

Finished this book a couple of days ago and I loved it! I’ve also read Lola and the Boy Next Door and I do like it a bit more; I like Lola over Anna but when it comes to Etienne or Cricket…. that’s a bit harder. They were both so amazing.
(The titles are so long so when Im referring to the books I’ll write Anna…  and then Lola…  with the dots and when Im referring to the characters I won’t add in the dots;hope that’s not confusing)
If you have not read this book or Lola.. then definitely do; they’re cute fun contemporary reads and they’re great. They’re sort of a Series but more like companion novels (you don’t have to read one in order to read the other) Anna… was the first one released, then Lola.. but I read Lola.. first and then Anna… and it didn’t affect anything. The Last book in this companion Series Isla and The Happily Ever After was supposed to come out Last Thursday the 15th but apparently it got pushed back again to August. Anyway in that one the characters from both Anna..and Lola..reunite! (:
image wpid-picsart_1405271938211.jpg

Anyways now let’s get into the book SPOILERS!!!

At the beginning of the book Anna was complaning about being send to Paris and I was like really?! I would love to be sent to Paris omg ;I get the whole she wanted a choice thing but still it’s PARIS! and besides she made 4 amazing friends on like her first Day so again more reasons NOT TO COMPLAIN!

You can touch anything of mine you want”

Lol the humor in this book was very good; this is just one of the many
I loved Chapter 28 ;it’s the one with the E-mail convos between Etienne and Anna while she’s in Atlanta and him in Cali.

Im still not fond of Bridgette; she dated Toph while she knew how much Anna liked Toph and how they had already sorta started something. It’s not the same as with Anna and Mer because there was never anything between Mer and Etienne and also it’s not like they openly ever talked about it; Yes still it was a bit messed up but Mer gave her approval in the end anyways (can’t stand between true love). With Bridge that betrayal; as you’re emailing her about the guy you’re hooking up with him wtf? So Yea she’s still not forgiven in my book.

Okay so when after the Kiss on the bench Etienne went straight to Ellie’s I knew it was to break up with her, and I was so mad at Anna for jumping to conclusions just like that. She annoyed me for the whole chapter after that Kiss (but I liked her again after that)
Josh and Rashmi broke up, but I knew that because he’s gonna end up with Isla (that’s what the next books about; which was supposed to be released this month but got pushed back to August apparently)
Oh and if anyone has read the Private Series by Kate Brian didn’t this Josh remind you of Josh Hollis; they’re both named Josh and they’re both artists ♡
Anna’s idea with the whole college thing for him was brilliant!
I loved how the book ended; it was super cute the way he climbed up to get her even though he’s scared of heights. Then he told her he loved her from the moment he met her and he was all please say you love me back and she did and just awe ❤
They’re so cute xx
I loved this book I really did; I think I loved Lola.. a little more but I still loved this one (:
I rated it a: 5/5
~~ From one book lover to another ~~
™ Happy Reading! ™


12 thoughts on “Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins | Book Review

  1. Topaz says:

    I haven’t read either Anna… or Lola… yet, but they’ve gotten so many good reviews, haha 😉 I’ll definitely have to pick up my copies ASAP!


  2. riddhisharma1997 says:

    I just finished this book and it was love.
    The way he says i love you to anna in the end on top of paris just makes up for every stupid thing they did during the entire book ❤


  3. riddhisharma1997 says:

    haha i was mentally jumping up and down during that one! i just published my review of the book? can you please go check it out? thanks!


  4. riddhisharma1997 says:

    hey! could you suggest some more books like Anna… ? i have been reading Dan Brown’s and Jeffrey Archer’s for way too long. Now , after reading about three young adult novels , all i want is to read more of them. So help me out cause i want to read more of such novels but not the good girl and bad boy love affair type.
    I have ‘My Life Next Door’ and ‘Amy and Roger’s epic detour’ and ‘Finding Cinderella’ shortlisted . Should i try them out ? or read some other book?


    • ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят says:

      Sure! I’d recommend books by Susane Colasanti like So Much Closer, Keep Holding On, When It Happens, Something Like Faith ect.. I love all her books.
      Troy High by Shana Norris which I did a Recommendation Post about it here :
      Lola and The Boy Next Door was very good too, but if you’ve read Anna you probably read that too (:
      Those are all books I’ve read, but books I haven’t read yet that I’ve heard are good:
      To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
      On The Fence by Kasie West
      Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

      That’s all I can think of right now, but if I think of more, I’ll let you know (: Hope this helped!


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