Mortal Instruments Monday! Week 3 ♛

I decided to do this after seeing littleonionwrites post (:
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this weeks topic apparently is Favorite TMI books in order this isn’t going to be too hard for me; I already know my top two so here we go 🙂
I’m going to go in a countdown; so 5 being my “least” favorite and 1 being my favorite.
Oh and BTW this is going to have some spoilers (mainly for CoA, a little on CoLS and CoFA ) so if you haven’t read those yet then don’t read on or skip over them once you see it on the list xo

#5 City of Fallen Angels


Okay so I’ve seeing many other people say this is their least favorite; and it’s not that I didn’t like it; I read the whole TMI Series straight through -after spoiling myself but that’s another story- without knowing it was originally supposed to be a trilogy; so when I read this I loved it, I still do just not as much as the others; Here’s why:
Nothing really started happening until the end of the book, the whole beginning was about Simon’s girl issues and Clary training but thn we meet Maureen and Camille and stuff starts to go down and it picks up from there; the book was still amazing in my opinion.

#4 : City of Ashes

For the same reasons as with CoFA. I feel like this one and CoFA were the more chill and relaxed books of the Series. Nothing happened in this one expect for the boat and Simon’s vampirism; but again I still loved it.

#3: City of Bones

This one was a lot of world building and info packed, but Im not complaining; I loved it. Just not as much as the other 2.

#2: City of Lost Souls

I loved this one! We got to travel with them and get a better view of Jonathan and Yes granted Jace was all hijacked and not himself, but it was still great. Clary was not my favorite in this book but that’s Okay 🙂

And my favorite!!

#1 : City of Glass


This one was just perfect. Just like CoB was info-packed, this one was action-packed and it was great! If this had stayed as the conclusion to the Series I would’ve been content with the ending. Loved it x

– Lily ~ wordsweheart


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