✘The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey | Review✘



General Info:
Title & Author: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
Genre: Sci-Fi
Page Count: 480
Series: The 5th Wave #1
Edition: First, American Hardcover.
Source: Purchased

1st Wave: Lights Out
2nd Wave: Surf’s Up
3rd Wave: Pestilence
4th Wave: Silencer
5th Wave: ……? ( read the book maybe you’ll find out)

I loved this book. Finished it Sunday night. It was a pretty long book; but I really loved it. I took a lot of notes; I have so many posts its sticking out of it rn.
Just so you get an idea 🙂


I’ll be going through each and talk about them.
Non-Spoilers Section:
Soo I loved the whole concept of this alien  invasion with the waves; it was pretty cool because whenever we think of an alien invasion we think of a bunch of space ships and weird creatures descending upon us like in Falling Skies; I love that show it’s very good – but with this book he creates a whole new ridiculously brilliant way for them to invade us. The first 100 pages is in Cassie’s POV and it’s basically her telling us about Arrival Day and the first 3 waves; and also what the aliens actually want. At first I hated the switching POVs, it could get confusing especially since he doesn’t tell you who’s POV you’re reading from at first; you have to figure that out on your own, but after finishing this book I understand the importance of the switching PoVs. The story was very consistent throughout and kept you second guessing yourself, you would make up your mind on something then he would throw something in there to make you question your choice so you never knew the real answer until he actually told you; and I thought that was fantastic. So Yea I really really loved the book.I recommend everyone to read this; doesn’t matter whether you like aliens and sci-fi or not. This book is great ;it also has some great romance but that doesn’t take main focus in the book at all; it’s there in a satisfactory amount but doesn’t take away from the main plot of the book. Read it then come back and discuss!



Umm.. so the aliens want the earth. You know with all these aliens stuff I don’t understand why they always have to come and pick on us; I mean there’s millions of other galaxies; are you telling me that you couldn’t find another vacant resourceful  planet to go live on? I mean this is our home, you can’t just come in here with your superior tech and decide to wipe us off because your own sucky planet couldn’t sustain your sorry life any longer; like that’s very rude.
Let’s talk about Cassie, dear God I love her. She is badass and kickass and 👌. I also love her name Cassie for Cassiopeia I wish I were called that. I might name my daughter that; it’s a beautiful name.
When she was describing her life after Arrival Day and during the first couple of waves, wow. Her dad’s death, that was purely heartbreaking. You never knew who to trust in that book. I was honestly just as conflicted as Cassie during this book.


This was one of my favorite lines in the whole Book; it sounded like the Book was ending but it was just the first part but still I was like you go girl 👏
Okay so after that we switch POVs, we go onto Ben; and at first I was so confused, like how did Cassie get here? Is This a flashback? Why would someone compare her to his little brother? But then I got that we had switched POVs and I was certain at first that it was Evan because I had been waiting for him to make an appearance but he still hadn’t; but turned out it was just Ben, who actually  turned out to be a more important character then I would’ve thought; I believed he was dead, I didn’t even pay any attention to his character before; he was just this guy she crushed on. I loved how in the end they both had a connection with Sammy and they both kept their promises. I was worried for a second there that one might shoot the other when Ben saw him with Cassie and thought she was a soldier, but it all worked out.

Evan! Oh man I love him. I know In the end it was hinted at that there might be a love triangle brewing but it there is, I’m team Evan all the way. He’s so sweet and he’s funny and when he left the Hershey Kiss for her after she had smelled chocolate on him awe ❤. I started thinking he might be the silencer after he returned from “Lauren’s Grave ” and Cassie started to have her speculations , but again Yancey kept me on the fence about it until Evan mentioned the whole thing with her and Bear in the woods and I knew that it was him. But it in no way lessened my affection for him (ha TFiOS reference again :)) I have to admit though, the whole relationship with them came out of nowhere Lol he just suddenly randomly kissed her and it went from there and I did not see it coming. The way he kept saying you saved me and the whole ” you’re the mayfly ”


*Tears 😭💝*
Okay and then the whole them being “The 5th Wave” that was so incredibly smart and messed up at the same time. Those aliens they may be evil but they’re geniuses. The way they tricked them into killing off the rest of their race without even knowing they were doing it, incredible. I love how smart Ringer is though, she figured it all out. I’m still very interested about learning more about her character and her past, she closes up every time it comes up and I want to know the story behind not smiling because I think there’s one; and I’m sure Ben will make her smile; sooner or later. I ship those two together, not Ben and Cassie; she’s for Evan.
When Evan finally told Cassie the truth which in turn let us know what these aliens are and how they’re here and there’s others like him who didn’t want to wipe off humankind that was nice; and the prologue finally made sense.
I can’t believe they’ve been watching us for 6000 years…. that’s so creepy like…. how why what.
I loved the whole ending. The scene when Evan came to the rescue and he knocked once (their little inside joke) it was so cute and really showed his humorous side even in serious times like this and I like that, I really do. He better NOT be dead! I don’t think he is  anyways, I mean there needs to be 3 people in order for there to be a love triangle right? Yup thought so too.
He’s not dead, I’m positive of that for other reasons too.
Anyways I adored This book.
Rate: 5/5 🌟👏
Again like I said above In the Non-Spoilers I recommend this Book to everyone (:
If you have read This Book then definitely share your thoughts, I would love to know. XX

– Lily ~ wordsweheart
◐From one book lover to Another◑
♂♂Happy Reading! :)♂♂


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