Is Izzy a full Lightwood? | Random Chat

Soo I’m reading through CoFA and CoLS and I’m on page 129 of CoFA and it is stated:

Maryse stood opposite them, watching everything with her curious blue eyes, the same color as Alec’s

I feel like Cassie has been emphasizing that Alec got the blue eyes and Izzy did not. This definitely means something and I think that Christine and Kat’s theories are correct.
Izzy is indeed Valentine’s daughter.
Some of you guys might already know the answer to this -don’t spoil – but my copy of CoHF isn’t here yet (though it did get shipped finally) so I’m just going through both books and refreshing my memory some more.
Omg Brother Zachariah! Now that I know who he is I’m going to pay more attention to him 💝:D

– Lily ~ wordsweheart
◐From one book lover to Another◑
♂♂Happy Reading! :)♂♂


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