Reactions and Thoughts on City of Heavenly Fire | Part 1 {not my review}

No my copy is not yet here…. Barnes and Nobles sucks. I’m reading the ebook though.
This will be spoiler-full.
I will mark the pages that I’m talking about so it will state from Prologue – (whatever page the thing I’m discussing ends)
Example: Prologue – Page 90
And I will discuss something that happens between those pages; sometimes I might state the specific page.
Much like a discussion board for Read-A-Thons.
And if you’ve read those pages you may read and discuss with me  those pages only! Do not spoil any thing that happens In further pages. There will be other discussion posts for those as I read on.

I love Emma OH Raziel, I can see why they say she’s the best shadowhunter “since Jace Lightwood ” she is a badass.
I also love Julian and Ty, I love all of them (:

Prologue – Chapter 5 (page 139)

So the first of the 6th main characters we know by name has died.
I cried.
So heartbreaking.
If you haven’t read up to the page I mentioned you should really leave.
I’m both going to name who died just because if you’re one of those people trying to spoil yourself I’m not going to help you right now  because the Book is too good for that.

I also think Maia is pregnant.
But anyway the person who died was one of the 6th I thought was going to. I knew but still heartbreaking and I have 5 more to go…..
Oh and so the Fay Court is working with Sebastian….. can’t trust nobody. They’re betraying the Clave and they have a spot on the Council…. I never liked those Downworlders anyway. Warlocks are my favorites; though I do love Raphie 😘
Let’s hope that doesn’t change.
Sebastian is going to turn back good; I just know it. I’m 100% Sure about it; how Cassie emphasized how he would’ve had green eyes; he’s getting those green eyes by the end of the book I know it. Clary is going to get her brother ❤ I do like Sebastian; I want him de-demonized.

So yeaa that's it for nowww. I'll post more updates as I read on xx
Oh and my copy just arrived today 😀 I started writing this post yesterday x
So pretty

my progress:

– Lily ~ wordsweheart
◐From one book lover to Another◑
♂♂Happy Reading! :)♂♂


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