Recent News & Updates | Cassandra Clare , Insurgent Casting, Bloodlines, and more…

Cassandra Clare has announced that she’s writing a new short story collection based on Simon Lewis after all (:

If you’re new to the fandom or did not know already The Mortal Instruments was supposed to be a trilogy ending with City of Glass and Cassie wanted to write a new series centered on Simon which is what most of City of Fallen Angels feels like when reading it; but then she realized that the story wouldn’t be the same without all his friends with him so she decided to continue on the Tmi series, bringing forth City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire. We were a bit surprised at this news for that reason but nonetheless, I’m very excited. I just hope she doesn’t decide to prolong the Tmi series again lol because I’m quite content with the ending overall.

Insurgent Casting.
Besides the casting of Edgar -whom I made a post about here – there’s been other castings announced.

Not very sure who she is but everyone else seems to be happy about her, and I am too (: #excited

I’m very happy about her, she’s a great actress, I think she’ll portrait Johanna well.


Everyone seems happy about him too, he plays this other character on this other show which is slipping my mind atm but yea x

Bloodlines News

I’m so excited! I’m also very sad because I don’t want to say goodbye, but for now we have Silver Shadows coming out next month and I’m excited ❤

– Lily ~ wordsweheart
◐From one book lover to Another◑
♂♂Happy Reading! :)♂♂


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