We have Uriah! | Insurgent Casting


Yes so this is our Uriah. *Sorry Romeo but you didnt make it* He’s not exactly like I pictured Uriah but he’s pretty close (: I’ve also never heard of him so I can’t judge his acting yet but he’s cuuuuttteeeeee ❤
I'm excited!
What do you guys think? 

– Lily ~ wordsweheart
◐From one book lover to Another◑
♂♂Happy Reading! :)♂♂


4 thoughts on “We have Uriah! | Insurgent Casting

  1. readingupwiththejoneses says:

    I adored him in Australia’s TV show, Dance Academy. He was amazing. His character was gay, a pre-professional ballet dancer, his boyfriend was killed in a car accident. Character was brooding and angsty. Keiynan sold it! He is a phenomenal actor, and as we all know, what he “looks” like in his headshots is likely not why he’ll look like as Uriah. He’ll be completely convincing, I have no doubt! I may be one of the very few who was over the moon with the casting decision!


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