We Were Liars by E. Lockhart | Book Review

General Info: 

Title & Author : We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Series: NA

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense

Page Count : 225

Publication: May 13th, 2014

Edition : Library Binding – 1st edition

Source: Library

So I just finished it. Loved it. A truly remarkable read that will stick with you for a while. This book is really hyped right now, so I’m sure that you’ve all heard of it already; and if you have, then you know it’s recommended to go into this book blindly, and i recommend you do that as well. Also, if you can read this book in one sitting, then you should. It’s a very short book, so it should be easy to do so, i didn’t because i got distracted and lazy but if you can, then do. I’m not going to say anything regarding the plot of the book at all, the back of the book doesn’t tell you much either, but if you must know something anything, on the inside of the book, on the page with all the copyright info that no one ever looks at, there’s a more thorough summary of the book.

Here it is if your interested:

Spending summers on her family’s private island of the coast of Massachusetts with her cousins and a special boy named Gat, teenaged Cadence struggles to remember what  happened during her fifteenth summer. 

Overall, i really enjoyed the book. The ending might shock or surprise some of you, but others like myself might catch on to it earlier on. Nonetheless, it was still a great book. I loved the writing style, the setting, it was great .

My Rating:
image wpid-picsart_1405271938211.jpg
Now onto the SPOILERS! 

So the book starts off with this line on page 5:

..Then he pulled a handgun and shot me in the chest

Okay so she was referring to her dad. I literally dropped the book like what just happened?… For a second there i thought she was serious but reading on we figure out it’s just a big metaphor (she drops those a lot throughout the book). I’m still unsure about the whole wrist bleeding thing that kept showing up throughout. When she kept saying I bled on Gat and he wrapped her wrists in gauze, I’m still confused about whether or not that’s a metaphor.

Now let’s talk about the ending, I knew it all along.


There were a lot of clues and hints throughout and I’ve also already read a book that’s very similar to that.

If you don’t believe me, here are my notes (:
(Excuse the horrible handwriting, when I write my notes I don’t really do it neatly most of the time)


When Mirren and Cadence leave the island and she starts getting sick she states:

I did too much, I need to get back to Cuddledown. Now.

She’s dead, so she can’t leave the place she died for too long…?

Then Gat and Cadence on the roof, he states:

you have a life stretching out in front of you with million of possibilities

” You do not wish you were dead” Gat says harshly.

Then on PG 136:

Because I want things I can’t have

Why can’t he have her? Because he’s dead and she’s not.

There were many others but those are just a few.

It was always for me that either she was dead, or the other 3 were dead.

There was also this scene were they go on the rock and jump, and Cadence decides to do it too and they’re all yelling at her about how dangerous it is for her and begging her not to do it; when she did do it for a second there I thought maybe she had died too.

Let’s discuss the aunts and Cady’s mom.

What is wrong with them… they’re so greedy and the way they’re using their kids to get what they want, how messed up? …


The setting of the fire.

Cadence is such an idiot. They all are in some ways but Cadence… just.. really?

Why would she start the fire without knowing they were all out? Does she have common sense? Why would she even set it when she’s still inside, in the movies you always see the people throwing the match or lighter into the house when they’re all OUTSIDE!

Their stupidity is what got them killed. I have to be honest, reading this i didn’t really love or feel attachments to any specific characters, except for Gat, I liked him for the most part; but it was so so sad still, even though I knew it was coming. Part 5 starts off with telling us they’d died, and I did cry, not gonna lie, it was just really heartbreaking actually reading about it.
I definitely feel like this is one of those books I’m going to re-read, now knowing for sure how it ends, I’ll go back and catch on to any clues I’d overlooked before, like for example the E-mail thing, I never paid much attention to that, I just thought they were ignoring her, not that they were dead; but looking back it all makes sense.


Okay so I think I’ve covered it all. I really enjoyed the book. I gave it a 5/5 on Goodreads. Definitely worth the read. It kept you on your toes and you’ll always remember that story.



4 thoughts on “We Were Liars by E. Lockhart | Book Review

  1. Karl M. says:

    may i ask what is the difference of the hardcover and the library binding version of this book? Because I’m intrigued at seeing ‘library binding’ versions of these books and I just heard it for the first time from this book O.o

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