The Fault In Our Stars | Movie Review


So I saw the movie recently.
I loved it.
Such a great adaptation.
As well as being an amazing movie on it’s own.
This will be filled with spoilers for the book obviously; although If you’ve still not read the book and haven’t gotten spoiled then I applaud you, and I certainly don’t want to be the one to spoil you.
But before that here are my ratings and general thoughts :
As a movie: 100%
As and adaptation: 96%
Those are very good in my book. You might be thinking well If you loved it so much why didn’t you give it a 100 for adaptation? Well, it was the best book to movie adaptation I’ve ever seen, but for it to get a 100 then everything should’ve been exactly like the book down to every single line, character, setting, intake of breath, ect… and this was not, as expected. No adaptation can be utterly exactly like the book, and that’s Okay. I felt like this was a very good adaptation, so many of the lines were kept the same, yes a couple were misplaced but that’s okay. Shai, Ansel and Nat did a fantastic job with their respective characters. Ansel especially to me portrayed Gus amazingly and on point. Very few actors/actresses to me have done that with their characters, a few include Zoey as Rose in Vampire Academy ,and Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson (yes the movies sucked but he still portrayed Percy well x).
Okay that’s all I have to say for the none spoilery section, I don’t really have anything negative to say about the movie really, I really genuinely enjoyed it. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS BOOK YET THEN GO READ IT NOW OKAY!? THEN WATCH THE MOVIE, TRUST ME IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN SPOILED YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO SPOIL YOURSELF WATCHING THE MOVIE BECAUSE THE BOOK IS LITERALLY SO AMAZING.
now onto dem SPOILERS!
Okay so I loved the way the movie started like Hazel telling us the story. It was pretty obvious from the start that most likely Gus had died because she spoke of him in past tense.
I loved how the scenes were just like the book.
The first scene in the literal heart of Jesus and Gus is like I’m on a rollercoaster that only goes up my friend. Oh that scene was just perfect.
I loved that they actually showed us his leg.
I already spoke about how well the actors portrayed the characters.
The metaphor scene. We’d all already seen it because it was released early, but the seen the whole thing, it was beautiful.
OMG the scene when Isaac is breaking things at Gus’ house and Hazel and Gus are just talking while he’s breaking the things in the bg. I loved when Isaac interrupted them and showed Gus a trophy and asked “Cool?” and Gus was like yea sure man.
Lol that was great.
My favorite thing was probably when they went to Van Houten’s and when they’re about to leave he asks “have you ever stopped and wondered why you care so much about you silly questions? ” and Hazel’s like ‘Oh, go fuck yourself ‘ lmao #done #dead #bye

I cried so so much.
When Gus told her he was sick again.
‘I lit up like a Christmas tree’
You could here my heart breaking.
I knew it was gonna happen but still.
When he said ‘don’t worry, I’ll stick around for a long long time ‘ I’m just like NO YOU WON’T STOP!
Then after the news.
“Augustus Waters died 8 days after his pre-funeral ”
She didn’t say the 8 days in the movie but yea.
OMG the pre-funeral!
The eulogies, Both Isaac and Hazel’s were the same as the book.
Isaac with the robot eyes.
Hazel with her infinity speech.
I was a mess after that.
OMG when they were texting after Hazel was like “just friends ” and he said “Okay” and she said “Okay” I was praying and hoping that he’d say what he’s supposed to say next and he did .. the “OMG stop flirting with me!” I was so happy that they included it (:
I didn’t like that at the very end of the movie she didn’t say the “I do, Augustus, I do” instead she just said Okay.
But that was minor.

Anyways I loved loved loved the movie. I’ll definitely watch it over and over when It’s out on DVD and Netflix.

What did you guys think? I’d love to know (: xx

– Lily ~ ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят
From one book lover to another
Happy Reading! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Fault In Our Stars | Movie Review

  1. themediocrityproject says:

    I thought the movie was a great adaptation of the book. I loved both the movie and the novel, which was a bit of a surprise because oftentimes I find myself preferring one over the over (usually the novel over the movie). I really enjoyed how the movie stayed very close to the novel


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