The Shadowhunter Chronicles | An open letter to Cassandra Clare ♡



Today I’ll just be talking about the Shadowhunter Chronicles. I was planning on doing this and then also writing a letter of appreciation to Cassie, but then I realized what I wanted to say in here is basically what I wanted to say in the letter, so I mashed them up.
I’m first going to start by talking about how I found out about The Mortal Instruments and how my wonderful journey with this fantastic world started.
I actually talked a little about it in my City of Heavenly Fire Theories post a little while back (:
It was back in July of last year and I was just watching tv. It was during commercial break and I was on my phone, then the screen turned black for a second so I looked up, and the trailer for the movie started. It was the 2:30 minutes long trailer and I watched it all and remembered being in awe. It was so beautiful and seemed like something I would love. So you guys know the name to a mundane eye is pretty long The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones so naturally I didn’t get to memorize it just yet. Then a couple days later the trailer came on again, and this time I was prepared, I took my phone, opened up notes and typed it in. Then I looked it up obviously, and I was shocked and happy to find out that it was actually a book series (I’ve always loved reading) . I made the mistake of reading the wiki plot summary which totally spoiled the first book for me, then idk it was just so good that I read the summary for all 5 of them, which then of course spoiled the entire series for me; but it in no way lessened my affection for the series. After that, I went on to my e-reader and got all of them. I read them all and it was actually so frustrating for me to read CoA and CoG because all along I knew they weren’t actually siblings. Nonetheless, I read them all and loved them all. So then I watched the movie when it came out, and I really enjoyed it. Yes,  a lot of the content wasn’t the same as the book, but it was a pretty decent adaptation, and a great movie. I’m still hoping they film CoA because it should be an easier adaptation. CoB was a lot of world building and I understand it must’ve been hard to try to adapt it all into to movie, but with CoA we already know the world so it should be easier, and besides not much happens compared to let’s say CoG.
My favorite characters from TMI are definitely Izzy,Magnus, and now Simon.

After reading the books and seen the movie I was anticipating the release of CoHF like everyone else and it did not disappoint. (my review if you’re interested x )

I followed all the snippets that came out, and everyone was always talking about a Tessa, and I knew she was from The Infernal Devices and I hadn’t read that, so I did that. I knew I had to read them before CoHF and I did, back in February of this year. I loved them so much. I read all 3 of them in a span of about 4 days ♡.
Clockwork Angel took me 8 hours.
Clockwork Prince took me 2 days.
Clockwork Princess took me 1.5 days.
I do prefer it over TMI. I feel like it was better written, and I don’t know, maybe it’s the time period but I just feel like it’s better. Clockwork Princess is my favorite of the three, but I loved them all. Clockwork Princess is also my favorite book of Cassie’s that I’ve read.

My favorites in order (all 9) :
1. Clockwork Princess
2.Clockwork Angel
3.City of Heavenly Fire
4.City of Glass
5.Clockwork Prince
6.City of Lost Souls
7.City of Bones
8.City of Ashes
9.City of Fallen Angels

But don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved each and every single one of them.
(I haven’t read The Shadowhunters Codex or The Bane Chronicles yet {I’m waiting for the bind up to be released in November, and I’ll read them all then ♡ }

Cassie’s books, and this world she’s created really changed me. I can’t really explain it, it just did; and If you’ve read and loved her books as much as me then you can probably relate.
My favorite character is Izzy because I can relate to her the most, right down to the bad cooking skills lol , in a lot of ways I’m just like her, and I really love that.
I can relate to Tessa and Will for obvious reasons.
I really admired their love for books, and I could relate to a lot of the things Tessa says.
I think everyone deserves their Will Herondale.

I am so happy that Cassie is continuing on with this world and writing TDA and TLH. I would keep reading her books even when I’m 60 years old. She is and will probably always be my favorite author. When the last book in the shadowhunter world is published, I’ll be extremely sad, but also grateful. She has created a world that will forever be remembered by me and many others, and for that I am incredibly thankful and grateful.

This is actually a lot shorter then I thought it would be, but all I really wanted to say was thank you. Short and simple, but thank you.

Cassie’s Tumblr

– Lily ~ ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят
From one book lover to another
Happy Reading! 🙂


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  1. shereadssheblogs says:

    love this. I’m currently editing my post for catreadsbooks “thank you for the mortal instruments” project. Ill be posting it on thee bloggy soon 🙂


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