The 5th Wave | Movie Casting News

Fans of The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey (myself included) will be pleased that we now have our Cassie(who was announced a couple months ago), Evan and Ben.
I read the book recently and I reviewed it here , but bottom line I absolutely loved it.
Here are the actors:





And last but not least


I’m personally very pleased with Ben, and Cassie but a little on the fence with Evan. He doesn’t look like the Evan I pictured, but I’m not gonna judge; his acting could be phenomenal.

Chloe who plays Cassie is a great actress.
She played in Kick-Ass and Carrie to state a few.
Chloe’s IMDB Profile

Nick who plays Ben has played in the Disney movie Frenemies, which I’ve seen and he was good, he’s also played in this other movie I haven’t seen, it came out last year.
Nick’s IMDB Profile

Alex who plays Evan I’ve never heard of but apparently he’s British (ooohh ♡) lol.
He’s played in a couple of movies I haven’t seen yet over the years.
Alex’s IMDB Profile

Here it is! That’s our cast so far!
What do you guys think about it and the movie?
I’m very excited for this movie (: xx

– Lily ~ ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят
From one book lover to another
Happy Reading! 🙂


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