The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus series) | Book Review

image General Info: Title&Author: The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan Genre: YA, Fantasy, Greek and Roman Mythology Page Count: 513 Publication Year: 2011 Publisher: Disney Hyperion Series: 2nd book in the Heroes of Olympus series which is a spin-off to the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series. Edition: American Hardcover Source: Library I finished this recently ♡ and I loved it! A lot more then The Lost Hero (which I did enjoy) . Percy was back! Oh man it was wonderful. Leo is still my favorite new character but I do still love Hazel and Frank. Idk if I like Hazel more then Piper and Frank more then Jason though. I’m so excited for Mark of Athena, I still need to get it from the library but I have an e-book so I’ll just start that. I might stop writing this to start it because I’m so excited for the reunion! Anyways I really loved the book.

Rating: image If you have not read this book or this series then definitely do! And If you haven’t read the PJO series then start from there. Here’s my review of The Lost Hero it’s prequel (:


I wrote notes as always (:             image  

So we get introduced to Camp Jupiter in this book. There’s a map at the beginning too (: image Anyways I totally prefer Camp Half-Blood over it. No questions about it. Okay so on pg 60 we see Nico. Turns out he’s Hazel’s brother. I was so confused when he didn’t tell Percy who he was but then he explained that he can’t interfere whatever and I got that, so oh well lol. We’ll come back to Nico later on cuz I gotta talk about the end. Reyna. I like her. She’s pretty cool. When she was flirting with Percy lol that was funny. This is sad cuz I really ship Jasper (Piper and Jason) but Reyna’s cool too so it sucks. At around Page 100 I theorized that they were going to Alaska and they were gonna recover the Eagle ; and I was right. I love the covers of Rick’s books because it always portrays something that happens in the book/ What the books about. Also on a side note , the Blood of Olympus cover was revealed recently so it should be pretty easy to see what happens in the book based on that. Frank’s godly parent. I thought it was either Hephaestus or Mars. Hephaestus cuz of the Fire thingy and Mars because his grandma kept saying his dad was attracted to his mom because she was a natural warrior and stuff. It was pretty obvious it wasn’t Apollo. I thought for a second maybe he was the child of two gods, like maybe his mom was a minor God and that’s Why he was more special, but no. BTW his powers are very cool, gotta agree with Percy lol. Oh and Frazel happened omg that was the cutest thing. When Ares / Mars came to camp and Percy’s reaction lol that whole scene was hilarious. See that’s What I missed in TLH, the humor; it was there but not as much as when Percy is in the story, he’s awesome. When we were told when Reyna and Percy had met before, on Circe’s island. I have to go back to Sea of Monsters cuz I don’t remember it as clearly but apparently Hylla was the one who welcomed them. At around page 208 we find out that Hazel was the one who basically raised Alcyoneus in the first place. I don’t necessarily blame her or anything, she didn’t have a choice. I love how she sacrificed herself and her mom in order not to raise him (though Gaea was right, it only delayed it) but also how she rejected Elysium for her mom not to get Eternal Punishment, that was very admirable. God I would really hope I get Elysium when I die lol. Hazel. I love her. She’s more badass then Piper. I love them both, but I think I might love her more. Also her savior, the descendent of Poseidon. Idk. Is it Percy, Frank, the horse lol I’m not sure, but I’m excited to find out. I loved the references to old books, like the skeleton warrior “Gray” was the same one Nico defeated in Titan’s Curse. The Laistrygonians too. The prophecy Ella said about Wisdom’s Daughter. That’s Annabeth. Gosh I’m so excited!! Then there’s the whole Leo and Sammy thing. For a second I thought they were the same, but no that would be too complicated, and besides Sammy married and died so that’s done with. I think they’re just related, like Leo is his descendant (: OKAY NOW NICO. WHAT. DO. YOU. MEAN. HE’S. BEEN. KIDNAPPED.? I know he’s not dead but still omg, poor baby. If you didn’t know Nico is my favorite character along with Percy, but Nico’s my baby and this isn’t Okay. Percy’s just such a sassy sarcastic badass and I love him so much lol. I’m glad he’s back. And he remembers completely which is fantastic. Okay I’m gonna post this and go read MoA because I’m too excited!! X I rate the book: 5/5 ★ KEEP ON READING! ♡ Share your thoughts below, I’d love to know 😀 xx Also on an irrelevant note today marks my blogs 3 month anniversary (: lol idk those 3 months went by fast and I’m so happy at where I am ♡ I’m glad I decided to create wordsweheart ♡♥ (: x – Lily ~ ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят From one book lover to another Happy Reading! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus series) | Book Review

  1. karaskinner says:

    I can’t wait to read this book!! You have no idea how hard it was for me to skip over the review, even with the spoilers warning. I loved the Lost Hero and I loved the Percy Jackson series. It’s good to know this book sounds just as good.


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