The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus) by Rick Riordan | Review

Title & Author: The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

Series: The Heroes of Olympus #3

Genre: YA, Fantasy,Greek and Roman Mythology 

Page Count: 574 

Publication year: 2012 

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Edition: First, American Hardcover

Source: Owned


I finished the book recently, and I wanted to write my review before reading House of Hades, so here we go. So this book was amazing, the series keeps getting better and better, and I’m pretty sure House of Hades is going to be even better then this one. I think this book was as good as it was because the 7 were finally reunited, and everyone was on the same page. With the previous books we followed Jason, Piper, and Leo, and then Percy, Frank and Hazel; and they were living different stories, but now they’re all together and it was epic. This cover also is my favorite, I do love them all though, but this one, along with the cover of House of Hades are pretty epic. I love how all the covers of Rick’s books display an event in the book. As soon as I saw it I knew it was Jason and Percy. Okay I think that’s it for the non spoilers section. Overall, I really highly enjoyed this book, it’s my favorite in the series so far.




Okay. Not gonna talk about that ending right now. Let’s start from the beginning, and hopefully this doesn’t end up all over the place.

The Son of Neptune ended with Percy at Camp Jupiter and the Argo 2 arriving. The book starts off with the reunion. It was the most beautiful thing. When Annabeth and Percy reunited and she hugged and kissed him, and then flipped him over, my heart just … I was in tears. Then there was poor Reyna whom I honestly really like, and really felt bad for. I had so much respect for her, when she figured out Jason and Piper were a thing, she hid her emotions, and didn’t act any different towards Piper, and I admired that. She really wants that alliance to work, she’s trying as hard as she can, she’s a good person and I wish she had some support.

Nico. In case you didn’t know I really love Nico. Along with Percy and Leo he’s my favorite. I’ve loved him since he showed up in The Titan’s Curse, so my heart broke when I found out he had been kidnapped, and then here the poor kid was trying to stay alive on those seeds, I just, I was so sad. Then when he was rescued and he was all “Thank you, I’d lost hope” I broke down. Like when I say I love Nico, I really really do. I was so upset when they were second guessing him at the beginning of the book, especially when Percy said he had a “rocky history with him” I was mad, like what do you mean a “rocky history”? Yes, he got you thrown into a cell sort of, but it wasn’t his fault, he was young and naive and wanted to know his history, can you really blame him? and besides he came back to save you didn’t he? But Percy got his act together after that, and you can’t really stay mad at Percy. As for the others second guessing Nico, I understood. They didn’t know him, and it was only logical for them to worry and take precautions.

Percabeth and Jasper (Jiper whatever you wanna call it) had some very awesome moments in this book. Both Annabeth and Piper said ” I love you” in the book, though the topic never came back after that.

Let’s talk about Frank, i didn’t really like him until the end of SoN and he got on my nerves so many times during this book. Like I said, Leo is one of my favorites, so Frank was pissing me off every time he addressed Leo. I actually really started shipping Leo and Hazel in this book, they would be so cute, and it’d be like Sammy Round 2. When they went together to see their past, that was very moving. I was spoiled on this other person Leo will most likely be with so that’s why I held off a bit on Hazel and Leo, but I still think they’r be cute, even though his grandfather was her first love; and talking about Sammy can i say how much I already love him, he really is just like Leo so naturally I love him too (:

The Romans are going to attack Camp Half-Blood and I’m scared. Annabeth was right though, they shouldn’t underestimate camp Half-Blood but I’m still scared for them.

They met Hercules, and what a disappointment he was, I already didn’t like him though after what Zoe had said about him in PJO.

I also gained so much more respect for Annabeth in this book, what she did is something I couldn’t have done. The mother of all spiders, I couldn’t of had.

Nico is going to have a POV in The Blood of Olympus which is exciting. I really wish he was part of the 7. The whole book could’ve been in Nico’s POV and I would’ve been fine with it lol. Although he’s still a big character, even if he’s not part of the 7.

Luke was referenced a lot in this book, which was fine with me, I really liked Luke, I still do. Also where is Grover? Percy mentioned him once, and I really had like forgotten about him lol.

Leo Valdez was especially even more awesome in this book. With Team Leo and the nymphs and Leo World. That kid is amazing, I feel like he saved a lot of people in this book. ♥

Percy and Leo are the best of the 7. They’re both so sassy and funny (:

I loved when Annabeth threw her knife into the water and Percy rose with this big wave and then he was all “you dropped something” lol and that’s also when Annabeth said I love you.

Okay…. now that ending. I was spoiled on the fact that Percabeth would fall into Tartarus, but I didn’t think it happened until HoH. I did start to suspect it would happen in this book when Arachne said that if they fell they would fall into Tartarus. Nonetheless, I was still broken. I know they’re fine but still, it’s very sad. I’m excited to see what happens and how they’re saved. I don’t think I was spoiled on anything else after that besides the Leo love interest thing, so I’m excited!

I think that’s it. This book was epic. Loved it from cover to cover. Now onto House of Hades! xx



4 thoughts on “The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus) by Rick Riordan | Review

  1. isa13na says:

    I loved that they were all reunited! It was beautiful. Also, Leo, Percy, and Nico are amazing too. I never really shipped Leo and Hazel :/ I hope you like House of Hades (I certainly did)!


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