Top 10 Tuesday | TV Shows


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Broke and Bookish. This week’s topic is Top 10 TV Shows or Movies. I’m choosing TV shows, because it’s easier.  I love TV! (: 

Keep in mind that I love a lot of shows, unfortunately they couldn’t all make it into my top ten.

Also these are somewhat in order (: 

10. Modern Family

I’m only about 7 episodes into season 1 but I’m really loving that show! It’s funny and short, it’s great.

It airs on ABC. Wednesdays @ 9 East. Time 

9. Sleepy Hollow

New Favorite, there’s only 1 season, so it’s easy to catch up. It’s about this soldier who fought with George Washington in the American Revolution I believe and he wakes up in modern time, just watch it, it’s amazing. 

Airs on FOX. Mondays @ 9 Eastern Time  

8. Scandal 

Olivia Pope! Gosh I love that show. You’ve probably already heard of it. It has Kerry Washington and it’s amazing. I need to catch up,because I fall behind on shows a lot, but I love it.

Airs on ABC. Thursdays @ 10 Eastern Time

7. Revenge 

Another show I love. I also need to catch up on. It’s about this girl who’s getting revenge for her family(her dad’s imprisonment and death to be specific ). I’m bad at explaining things, but it’s awesome.

Airs on ABC. Sundays @ 10 Eastern Time

6. Once Upon A Time

Fairytale retellings. Need I say more? Watch it! It’s amazing, and that last finale was so good! 

Airs on ABC. Sundays @ 8 Eastern Time

5. The Fosters

I love that show! It’s currently on it’s second season and it’s really good! I watched it when it first aired and absolutely loved it.

Airs on ABC Family. Mondays @ 9 Eastern Time

4. The Vampire Diaries

I love that show! I did a marathon with the first 4 seasons back in September, now I’m on track. Not even gonna talk about that season finale -__- It’s about vampires and stuff like that. The description might sound cheesy to you, but I promise, it’s not just about Elena “torn” between two vampire brothers. FYI I’m team Damon ♥ 

Airs on The CW. Thursdays @ 8 Eastern Time

3. How I Met Your Mother

The show just ended after nine amazing seasons. I started watching it when it was at it’s 7th season and I watched all the previous seasons in a very short time, that’s how good they were. The ending was bittersweet and I hated that last scene, but there is an alternate ending coming out with the box set so hopefully it’s better, but the show is fantastic.

Aired on CBS. Mondays @ 8 Eastern Time

2. Pretty Little Liars 

My favorite currently airing show. I really love that show. It’s interesting. I love it. 

Airs on ABC Family. Tuesdays @ 8 Eastern Time

1. Charmed

The show is about witches. It first aired in 1998 and ended in 2006 with 8 seasons. I didn’t start watching it until 2007-2008. I’ve re-watched the whole series multiple times, and I never get bored. It’s amazing.

Aired on The WB. Sundays @ 8 Eastern Time

That’s it! If you did this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, link it below; I’d be interested in seeing your favorites (: xx 




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