BookTube-A-Thon Updates

pizap.com14051117300891   It is day 3 here, and so far I have completed one book The House of Hades.

(I’ll be updating this post throughout the week)

Monday (Day 1): I read 132 pages of House of Hades

                           Total: 132 pages

I had also read about 100 pages of Mark of Athena that early morning (12-1 am) but I’m not sure if I’m gonna count that.

Tuesday (Day 2): I read 316 pages of House of Hades

                            Total: 448 pages 

Wednesday (Day 3) {Today} : I read 135 pages of House of Hades finishing the book, which completed the read a book with red on the cover challenge. My next read is going to be HP and The Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s almost 7 p.m. so I still have some time left. I ended up reading 215 pages of HP. My total for the day being 350 pages


Thursday (Day 4 ) : I read 94 pages of The Sorcerer’s Stone finishing that, and I also watched the movie to complete the Book to Movie adaptation challenge. 

                              Total: 892

Friday (Day 5) : I read 262 pages of Eleanor & Park

                              Total: 1154

Saturday (Day 6): I read 66 pages of Eleanor & Park finishing it

                              Total: 1220 

Sunday (Day 7): I read 30 pages of Throne of Glass, put it down (not because I didn’t like itm but because I didn’t feel like reading an E-book at that moment) and I picked up Shatter Me (not in my TBR, I know)  instead and read 150 pages of that.

                               Total : 1400 pages

I know I’m most likely not gonna finish all the books in my TBR, but my purpose doing this was to get more reading done, and get out of this slump I was in, and it worked, at least it’s working now (:  


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