Top Ten Tuesday | Books I’m not Sure I want to read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/ meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is Top Ten Books I’m Not Sure I Want To Read (books you may have bought but aren’t sure if you are into it anymore, books you wanted to read but heard mixed things about, hyped books you aren’t sure about — basically any book that has you going, “TO READ OR NOT TO READ?”

Here we go: (In no particular order) 


  Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth. 

I read the Divergent series, was disappointed with Allegiant, and I also didn’t like the Tobias we got in Allegiant, and I don’t know if he’s the same Tobias in this story, so I’m not too keen on reading it. 





 Fallen by Lauren Kate 

I’ve heard mixed things about this, but with the movie in the works I want to read it before it, but then again I don’t. 






The Maze Runner by James Dashner 

Again, I’ve heard mixed things. The concept sounds interesting, but I’m not super excited for it. The movie is coming out soon, and Dylan plays in it, so I do want to see it, and read the book before that, but I don’t know.




The Giver by Lois Lowry 

Heard mixed things, people say it’s boring, others love it. The movie is coming out soon and it looks interesting enough, and it’s a pretty short book. 


 Winger by Andrew Smith 

I don’t really know why. I mean I want to get to it at some point. I’m just trying to fill in spots right now because I can’t think of other books right now. 






Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith 

 It sounds really really weird. 





 Uglies by Scott Westerfeld 

I started reading Pretties the second book, not fully realizing that it was a sequel, I put it down because I was lost, but also because I didn’t really enjoy the writing, so I don’t think I’m going to get to it. 





Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard. 

The series is just sooo long! But I’m still interested, with the last book finally coming out in December. I do love the show, even though it’s nothing like the books. 






Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.

Lol, basically everyone hates it. 






 Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. 

I don’t think I really need an explanation. Maybe someday (: I did mostly enjoy the movies though.




Okay! This was actually pretty hard, and once I post this I’ll probably think of 20 other books I could’ve included. I should really start pre-writing these. 


22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Books I’m not Sure I want to read

  1. alyssatheliteraturenerd says:

    I haven’t read Four yet, and I don’t know if I’m going to read it or not. I didn’t like Four’s point of view in Allegiant and I don’t like him as a character, but I heard he’s better in this. I also haven’t read Grasshopper Jungle yet. I’ve heard it’s not for everyone. I didn’t like The Maze Runner and Uglies. They are probably the only hyped books that I do not like at all. I only read Pretty Little Liars and I actually don’t know what I thought of it. I’m not going to continue on. I’ve spoiled myself a lot for the series and the TV show is one of the few I’ll watch. I read Shiver and I honestly don’t know what I thought about that one. I didn’t hate it though. I read Twilight when I was in fifth grade and I was obsessed with it then, but looking back I didn’t like how Bella was portrayed. I read Fallen all the way back in sixth grade. I loved it then, but I think I’m in the minority. The series holds a special place in my heart because I read it as it came out, but I can understand how people don’t like it. The first one was probably my favorite. The series felt kinda meh in the end. Probably because I hated the ending. READ THE GIVER AND WINGER. THEY ARE TWO OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS. I will warn you that Andrew Smith is really inappropriate so you kinda have to get used to sexual references. I cried at the end of Winger. I loved it so much. I read The Giver for school and I really like the world building in it. It was just a really beautiful book.


      • alyssatheliteraturenerd says:

        Haha yeah. Fallen is not very well-liked. It’s practically hated. It is pretty pre-teen so it’s pretty fitting that Little Alyssa liked it. Honestly, I don’t recommend it. The last book sucked, and Fallen was the only decent one of all of them.


  2. Yvo says:

    I’m having some doubts with the Divergent series and The Maze Runner series as well… I haven’t read Allegiant yet because I was disappointed with the second book, and I’m not sure whether to read Four either… And I’ve actually read The Maze Runner, but I’m not sure if I want to continue reading the series (even though I already have book two and three).
    There has been quite a hype around Uglies, which always makes me hesitant to read a book. Plus I’m not sure if I would enjoy the story.
    And Twilight… Sigh… Unfortunately I did read the book…


    • ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят says:

      I’m not really going to recommend Allegiant, but I mean you do get answers to your questions, I personally found them a bit disappointing, but nonetheless they were still answers. There were a lot of unecessary deaths though and overall I just found it to be a disappointing finale to a series that had such potential. I think I’ll give the Maze Runner a try sometime soon. Same with Uglies, I’m not sure I’d enjoy it. Lol well at least you got it over with (:


      • Yvo says:

        I totally agree with Allegiant, I know I will end up reading it just so I can finish the series and get it over with. The same goes for The Maze Runner…


  3. 17abrownin says:

    Honestly The Giver is one of my favorite books of all time. I think anyone who doesn’t like it didn’t think enough about it because it’s so thought provoking and such a wonderful book! Ps thank you for commenting on my blog because I found yours! I love the posts you do ❤️❤️ Aubrey Joy


  4. Molly Mortensen says:

    My 2 cents.

    Maze Runner is worth the read, because it is unique and it’s a quick book that I couldn’t put down with all the unanswered questions. (I don’t recommend the sequels, but that’s me.)

    The Giver, yeah I found this boring too. Nice world building and good ideas, but it was just okay.

    The Uglies, Yes the writing in Pretties is odd, but it’s normal in Uglies. I liked the series as a whole, though Specials not as much as the first two. Maybe give it a second shot.

    Shiver, I haven’t read but I surprisingly liked Sinner which was a spinoff or companion book to this series.


  5. Lola @ Hit or Miss Books says:

    I’ve read five out of those 10 books and they weren’t bad EXCEPT for Shiver. That book was super boring. So boring that I DNFed it so I don’t recommend it ha ha. I own 11 books in the Pretty Little Liars series because it’s such a cool and original series. Very recommended and it’s not really like the TV show…except for some details. The Maze Runner was VERY good and Fallen good. Twilight, I loved but the final book not really…I will read the Giver some day this year. ;P

    Liked by 1 person

    • ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят says:

      Lol more reason for me not to read it, because I dont DNF books, I like to finish them all unless theyr’re extremely bad, and that hasn’t happened yet ( at least I don’t think so). Yea as for PLL, I know it’s nothing like the show, maybe someday (: I think I’ll give the Maze Runner a shot as a lot of people seem to tell me it’s worth it, and another positive review of Fallen, it might also get a shot lol Same with The Giver (:

      Liked by 1 person

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