Birthday & Updates!

Hi! so today’s my birthday (: I turned 16 ♥ Also, I wanted to update on what’s going to happen on my blog. Recently, I’ve been posting reviews which are pre-written as I like to write my reviews after I finish the book. I start school again in a week, so my posting schedule will be altered. This year (and next) I end school almost an hour later then I usually do, and if all goes well I will also have another thing I’m doing until the end of October, so that will take more even more time. So technically speaking I won’t get home until around 5 or 6 until the end of October. My posting schedule currently is to post about every 2 or 3 days, sometimes I post twice a day, it varies. School doesn’t usually affect my reading too much, but it’ll probably be less then it was in the summer anyways. I won’t be able to write my reviews as quickly anymore, but this blog will still always be active. When I first started this blog back in March, I use to write all my post on my phone, and now I don’t anymore unless it’s a quick update, Owl Post one. I don’t want to start doing that again, so hopefully I can manage. I think I’ll be able to. I’ll just need a little time to adjust. So yea, that’s the updates! It’s 10 am right now, I got up earlier today (: 

Updates on my reading and next posts:

I recently finished Onyx (Lux #2) {loved it} and next I plan on reading Goblet of Fire. The next post you’ll see will either be my review for Isla and the Happily Ever After or my Bout of Books Wrap Up. Both of them will be up soon anyways. I got nominated for my third time for the Liebster Award (yay!) I still need to post my second one though lol, but thank you so much! There are a couple of tags that I also need to do. To keep updated with my reading just check this page here. I try to update it as regularly as I can. 

Thank you guys so much for being awesome, and making blogging as fun as it is for me! (: xx 


20 thoughts on “Birthday & Updates!

  1. Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers says:

    Happy Birthdaaaaay! I hope you have an awesome day!
    I still need to do my Liebster Award too eek! It’ll be my first one. I’ve just been too busy to do it but things are slowing down a little now so I should be able to get it done in the next couple of days.


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