August Book Haul | 2014

Well this month was a pretty successful one, reading wise and shopping wise. If we don’t count the Book Outlet order I placed a few days ago, then this month I acquired a total of 12 books.

Here they are:

wpid-img_20140830_172456.jpg wpid-img_20140830_172131.jpg  wpid-img_20140831_133045.jpg In the order of which I got them: 

– The Young Elites by Marie Lu (ARC)

– The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan 

-Crash Into You by Katie McGarry 

-Now and Forever by Susane Colasanti 

-Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins 

-Evermore by Alison Noel 

-Marked by PC Cast + Kristin Cast 

– The Host by Stephanie Meyer 

– All I Need by Susane Colasnti 

-Bloodlines by Richelle Mead 

-The Inventor’s Secret by Andrea Cremer 

-Endless by Kate Brian 

Okay so at the beginning of the  month on August 4th I went outside and saw a package in my mailbox, the mail had already come for the day which means it had arrived by UPS, or Fedex, ect.. The package had a Penguin stamp on it so I was excited. I opened it and was very happy to see an ARC of The Young Elites inside. It was the very first arc I’d ever requested so the fact that I actually got it means a lot to me. I read it as soon as I saw it, and I really loved it. You guys will be seeing my review around the middle-end of September. 

The following weekend I went to the city (Manhattan) to see a broadway show; I saw Aladdin at the New Amsterdam Theatre, and guys it was amazing! I loved every second of it. I love the Performing Arts, I do my school’s play every year so it has a special spot in my heart, and while I personally don’t want to be on Broadway (cuz I can’t sing) I loved seeing it. Okay so anyways, while I went there I did some walking around and stumbled upon this bookstore called Book.Off. It’s a japanese Used Bookstore, so it has a lot of mangas, but it also has a tiny little YA section and that’s where I found the following titles for $5 each, and they’re all in pristine condition: 


Crash Into You, I’d heard amazing things about. The Throne of Fire is book #2 in the Kane Chronicles series, and it’s by Rick Riordan, so duh I had to get it. Now and Forever is the newest release by a contemporary author I love, so I was super excited to find it there. The total for these 3 books, all hardcover and new (some of them the spine isn’t even broken) was $16, isn’t that amazing! If you’re ever in the city, definitely go there; it’s on West 45th street, it’s on the left side if you go in from 5th Avenue. 

wpid-img_20140829_233540.jpg This is what it looks like from the outside (:

Okay so after that towards the end of the month I went to the library. My library has this on-going book sale but it’s really hard to find YA books there, but this time I did! I bought those two paperbacks because they were $0.25 each (: 


Evermore, I believe is the first in the Immortals Series, which I’ve heard good things about, and Marked is the first in the very long House of Night series, I heard the first couple of books are good but the rest not so much, but it was so cheap, I had to get it; and they’re both in very good condition. My library is awesome 😀 

So, this past Friday I went back to the city (I really love it there) and I obviously went back to Book.Off but also I stopped by the Barnes and Nobles on 5th Av. and I got something. I got those books from my shopping trip to B&N and Book.Off :


The Host I got Bargain Priced ($5.98) at B&N, though I do regret buying it because when I went to Book.Off after, they had a Hardcover copy of the original one for $5. I haven’t read Twilight, but I’ve heard this book is very good, and I want to watch the movie so I got it! It’s sci-fi, so I’ll probably love it. Then at Book. Off I got the rest. wpid-img_20140831_133234.jpg 

All I Need is by the same author that wrote Now and Forever (showed above) and it’s the last book she released before Now and Forever. Those two books are the only ones by her that I haven’t read yet,so I’m glad I own them, and they’re very short, so perfect for 1 sitting. Then I got Bloodlines, if you’ve read my Silver Shadows Review then you know that I didn’t own any of the other Bloodlines books in physical format because I was hoping for a cover change, well when i saw this one for so cheap I got it. It’s condition isn’t as pristine as the others, but it’s still pretty nice. Then I got Endless by Kate Brian which is the 3rd book in the Shadowlands series, I’v read the first, I still need to read the second though. Anyways, this was released in July and the copy I got is literally new, never been read, spine untouched. She’s one of my favorite authors (she wrote the Private series, which I love) and from what I’ve read so far this series seems to be going in a great direction. Lastly, I got The Inventor’s Secret, I’ve heard many good things especially from Momo on Youtube @ The Booktube Girl and @ TheTmiFangirl on IG; she really loved this book and it sounds very interesting and it was also in perfect condition for a cheap price so I got it. All the books I’ve gotten at Book.Off are also hardcover btw, which makes the cheapness of it all even better. 

PS: I just realized I forgot to mention how I got Isla, but I’d just pre-ordered it from Amazon (: 

That’s it! August was a great month, it’s always been my favorite month (probably cuz it’s my brithday month). I did place a Book Outlet order but that’s not supposed to come in until September 5th, so I’ll just include those in my September Book Haul (: 

What books did you get this month? Let me know below ↓ xx 😀 




10 thoughts on “August Book Haul | 2014

  1. booksthefinalfrontier says:

    I’m so jealous!! I really didn’t get too many books this month, as I really have no business buying more. I’m broke, and I haven’t read half of the books I own. My birthday is coming up in like a month or two, though, and I totally feel a huge haul coming soon?

    Liked by 1 person

    • ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят says:

      Lol a lot of these books I actually got with birthday money (: but I feel you, usually I’m too broke for books too which is why my hauls are usually very small. Book Outlet is amazing though, I’ve just recent;y discovered it and I think it’s going to be the death of me lol. Happy early Birthday! (:


      • booksthefinalfrontier says:

        Thanks!! And yeah book outlet will kill me. And they have so many promotions. If you sign up for their newsletter they will let you know whenever they have a huge sale, which is basically all the time. They constantly have half off and free shipping promotions, and it’s crazy.


  2. theintrovertedschmuck says:

    I so envy you! You got some great books are amazing prices!
    And Isla!!! ❤
    The House of Night series is like a crap soap opera that you secretly enjoy. I got addicted too it but eventually it gets a bit too much.
    I'm so glad that you bought it! Books that cheap should never be not purchased 😛
    Happy Reading!


  3. Safah @ Midnight Pageturners says:

    Great haul, so many beautiful books! Hope you enjoy them all! I got; Fangirl and Landline both by Rainbow Rowel, Will Grayson Will Grayson, Silver Shadows, Cinder, Scarlet and Cress and The Illusionists!


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