Owl Post | An Explanation

You might have seen me post a couple of posts titled “Owl Post”. Today I’m just going to shortly explain what it is exactly. I was reading Prisoner of Azkaban, so that’s where the idea for the name comes from. Anyways, basically it’s where I talk about a new book that I have just been delivered. It shouldn’t more then 3 books, as this isn’t a book haul. I’ve made these posts for when I got the ARC of The Young Elites in the mail, when Isla came, when I won a giveaway and those prizes came. So I only do them when I get a package in the mail that I’m super pumped about; EX: Arcs, new releases, gifts/unexpected packages from people. This can also work with e-books and audio books, whatever is preferable at the time. Hope this makes sense! If you’d like to use this yourself, then you’re more then welcome to, but please link back to me, and give a short explanation in your post as to what it is (: xx 

All the Owl Posts I’ve done in the past: 

Owl Post #1 

Owl Post #2

Owl Post #3 



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