Fictional Boyfriends

We all have them. I personally happen to only have 6. There are characters I love, and that I wouldn’t mind dating, and then there are those that I really want to be dating. Two separate list. Boyfriend List, Characters I Love List. The ones on the top of the CIL List are closer to being on my FB List, if that makes sense. For Example Daemon Black is on the top of that list, but he’s not on my main list but he’s close. Someone like Peeta is towards the bottom of that list, don’t get me wrong I love Peeta (thus why he is on that list) but I don’t really think he’s someone I’d want to date, if you get what I’m saying.

Now lets get on to the characters on my actual FB list

There’s only one character per series, so that if I were in the world it’d be easy for me, but we run into a problem with that were PJO and HOO is concerned…..

1) Adrian Ivashkov

He’s amazing, he’s definitely on the top, he beats everyone else. He’s just Adrian. Read VA if you haven’t already, and definitely read Bloodlines after that. ♥

2) Will Herondale

No surprise there. Will Herondale captured all our hearts. He’s the epitome of everything that is good. Read TID if you haven’t cuz your missing out..

3) Nico Di Angelo

Yup. He’s so misunderstood and I love him so much. Since we first met him in Titan’s Curse I knew he was something special and I just connected to him. Nico is bae ♥

4) Leo Valdez

Here’s where we run into a problem, seeing as both Nico and Leo are in the same wo6)rld….. but anyways, Leo Valdez, he’s funny and beautiful, and a great friend, and most importantly he’s taken for granted, which I don’t appreciate. He’s such a great person to have as a friend, boyfriend, he’s just a great person to have in your life.

5) Prince Maxon

He’s a new addition to my list. I’m so glad I read The Selection, I can’t even begin to explain just how amazing Maxon is. You’ll have to read the book to understand, but he’s so caring, and vulnerable, but strong willed, and brave, and smart, and beautiful, he’s perfect, to me at least. (:

6) Warner

Last but certainly not least, we have Warner from Shatter Me. I love that guy! Another case of misunderstood. I love the way she wrote his character, he’s not a good person, but he’s not evil. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, he didn’t put up a facade to get people to like him, he didn’t care. There was only one person and even with her he still didn’t act any differently. That was beautiful and admirable, and once you understand him, you’ll love him. When you read Shatter Me, read it with an open mind, and you’ll be rewarded in Ignite Me.

That’s it! Those are my fictional boyfriends, I don’t know if the list is in order really, all I know is that Adrian is at the top, the rest could be in a different order, but I love them all ♥

Who are your fictional BFs? Let me know below xx

PS: Would you guys mind if I post my review for The Young Elites earlier then the end of the month? Because I wrote it in the same format I write all my reviews, so it does have a spoiler section, and I don’t want to risk spoiling you guys by putting it up too early, and you not being able to read the spoilers. The book releases in less than a month so I think it’d be okay to post it now. Let me know? (: x



19 thoughts on “Fictional Boyfriends

  1. Molly Mortensen says:

    I’m reading The Young Elites right now. It’s really good so far. Go ahead and post it, I’ll skip the spoilers until I’m finished and then we can talk about it together! My fictional boyfriend list is pretty short. 1. Percy Jackson 2. Leo Valdez 3. Jem Carstairs


    • ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят says:

      Yay! Okay Thanks (:
      Ahh my list used to be just 3 too lol, Percy ♡ love him so much but there’s a good reason why he isn’t on my list. Percabeth is just my ultimate OTP of OTPs and If I add Percy then that’s saying I’m okay with replacing her and I don’t think I am (: With the others like Adrian and Syd it’d be hard for me because they’re probably my #2 but I could manage it, I don’t even know if all that made sense lol


  2. alibrarianslibrary says:

    Will Herondale all the way! I liked Adrian, but my heart belonged to Dimitri. Though, maybe when I get around to finally reading Bloodlines that will change!
    Also, I just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and for the shout out on your side bar! =)


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