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The Mortal Instruments to Return as a TV Series


Yay? Or Nay?
I’m not sure. It has potential, it could be really good! I just hope they don’t drag it like they can sometimes do with other shows, and that most importantly, they stick to the books.
They said the reason why CoB was so bad was because they had to fit so much into little time, which is true so now that they have a wider time frame they should just incorporate everything without any major changes.

Leave your thoughts below!

– Lily ~ ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят

10 thoughts on “The Mortal Instruments to Return as a TV Series

  1. CoB was bad because the script was terrible, and the actors had no chemistry. Actually everything about CoB was bed. Lol. Crossing my fingers for a decent tv show but I’m not getting my hopes up.

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  2. Ooooh I haven’t heard this but now I’m kind of excited! I feel the same way as you though, I’m a bit scared to see how it will play out because of CoB.
    I personally didn’t like JCB as Jace, but you take what you get, right? 🙂

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  3. I think it could work. As you said, stick to the books, but I would also recast it and actually scrap everything. After something that bad you just have to start over…


  4. I wonder who’s going to be cast for the tv show? I’m excited about this, but reserved. The movie wasn’t great and really didn’t make much sense for those who hadn’t seen the books. I hope the tv show does it justice!


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