The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer | Series Review


I’ve read the first three books in the series, and I’m going to write an independent review for each book, but I wanted to just write an overall series review (without spoilers) for those of you wondering whether or not you should read it.

In Cinder, the first book we follow Cinder, a cyborg. The whole series is a bunch of fairy tale retellings, in each book we follow a new main character, but it’s continuous so you do have to read them in order. For example, in Scarlet we follow Scarlet, a new character, but we do get point of views from Cinder and old characters from the first book, picking up where they left off.

Cinder is a retelling of Cinderella. She’s a cyborg, which in case you didn’t know means she’s part machine. It’s set in New Beijing, which is a new version of the Beijing we know today. There’s a prince, obviously, his name’s Prince Kai and he’s amazing. Cinder has 2 step sisters and a stepmother. It’s basic Cinderella, but a lot cooler.

Scarlet is a retelling of Red Riding Hood. We follow Scarlet, and she’s fully human. She works on a farm with her grandmother who has gone missing. We also meet Wolf, who’s amazing as well. The story follows her journey to find her grandmother with new and old friends. The story of Cinder overlaps with hers.

Cress is a retelling of Rapunzel. We actually meet her in a previous book, so keep your eye out for that. She’s Lunar, and she’s been living in a satellite most of her life. I won’t say much else.                        There’s also Captain Thorne whom we meet in Scarlet, he’s phenomenal. All her male leads are amazing. I think Kai is my favorite, but it’s hard to choose.

The last book is titled Winter and it’ll follow Princess Winter, whom we meet in Cress. As you probably tell, she’s a retelling of Snow White, and she’s also Lunar.

I love this series so much, it’s sci-fi but it’s so entertaining. I totally recommend all of you to read it. Individual reviews for each book will be posted, but I hope this helped you decide whether or not you want to read it.




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