The Maze Runner | Movie Review

This is a bit late, but I did watch the movie and I absolutely loved it. Here’s the thing, I was a bit upset because I’d been told that the books weren’t that great by a lot of people, that the last book was disappointing (kinda like Allegiant) which it might still be since I haven’t read it yet, but the movie was amazing so the book was obviously even more epic.

Now I’m totally going to read it. I already got The Scorch Trials, and now I’ll get the other 3 books.

I can’t really give you a proper book to movie comparison because I haven’t read the book, but truly the movie on it’s own was fantastic. Dylan O’Brien was amazing, the whole cast was great. The graphics were amazing.

I had a blast watching the movie and once I read the book, I’d love to see the differences.

If you’ve read the book and watched the movie, tell me what you thought! Were they similar? Different?



10 thoughts on “The Maze Runner | Movie Review

  1. Janelle Fila says:

    I am the opposite boat, I read the book but haven’t seen the movie. I really didn’t care for the book and I wonder if you guys liked the movie so much because you hadn’t read the book? I do want to see the movie because I think it might entice my son to read the book. Although I didn’t care for it, I think the story will really appeal to my 13 year old.


    • ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят says:

      The movie was amazing, I think you should watch it even though you didn’t enjoy the book much. Your son might like the book because it’s directed towards his age group, and being a dystopian with a male lead, and mostly male supporting characters he might enjoy it even more, and maybe relate to them a bit more then maybe you did.


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