The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1| Movie Review

This review will contain spoilers for both the movie and the book. 

I was one of those people that was excited when I first heard the movie would be split into two parts. Even though the book is rather small, and it wasn’t necessary, I was excited about it.

A lot of people who’ve seen the movie said it was boring because their was no action, and I can’t completely disagree with that. If I’m being honest, I was a bit bored at the start of the movie, but not for too long.

I’d always been curious as to where they would end the first part, and the place they actually ended it, with Peeta being hijacked, I think that was a good spot to split the movie, it really makes you anticipate the next one, but that being said, I don’t think it was a good place to have split the book. I read that book 2 years ago, so I don’t remember every minor detail, but I do think that Peeta’s rescue was fairly early in the book, so I feel like them stopping it there doesn’t give us the time to stretch out the rest of the book in the next movie. Them stopping the movie there, really makes me believe that the split wasn’t necessary. They could’ve easily just made one movie, but then again the split wasn’t to give us the fans more screen time, it was to make them more money. It’s always all about the money. A lot of series are doing the split now, after HP did it with Deathly Hallows, which to me, it seems like Deathly Hallows should’ve been split because of how big it is. I think Order of The Phoenix should’ve split as well (I just started reading it now) . Allegiant is also going to be split into 2, which I’m not a fan of, I mean that was truly unnecessary, there isn’t enough that happened in that book to make two movies, and having seen the Insurgent trailer I don’t even know if they’re even sticking to the books anymore, but that’s a different story for a different post.

Anyways, overall I did enjoy the movie, I just think it wasn’t split at the right spot, and I don’t think we’ll get the stretch in Part 2. I think FInnick’s wedding should’ve been included in there, and what they had done to the tributes in the capitol, all that stuff so that Pt.2 could start right at the start of all the action. I hope they don’t rush it, I hope we get to see Finnick’s and Annie’s relationship, and that his death (if he’s still dying) isn’t rushed because that’s going to be heartbreaking.

My favorite part of the movie was definitely The Hanging Tree, like when the crowd started singing along as they went to bomb that place, it was so heartwarming, I cried. I loved the part when they went into the bunker and Katniss ran to get Prim and then there was the count down. I LOVED Effie, I don’t remember if she was there in the book, I really should’ve re-read it, but she was such a nice presence.

I loved the part when Katniss walked in to see Peeta and he attacked her, because a lot of people in the theatre gasped, and that’s also how you differ the book fans from the movie fans. I was actually smiling because I knew what was coming while they didn’t, but it was really sad, but also exciting to see.

Anyways, I think I’d rate it a 91%. Catching Fire was definitely, no questions better, but I think this was takes the second spot, because it was a bit better then Hunger Games.

Also, J-Law’s acting was so on point, I loved the part where she was doing the Propo, and her acting was so bad that it was great.

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10 thoughts on “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1| Movie Review

  1. Kath says:

    I really hope they will include Finnick and Annie’s wedding. I’m not also that excited for Insurgent coz I was quite disappointed with the Divergent movie. Great review you have 🙂

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  2. Chloe @ Free As a Girl With Wings says:

    Originally, when I first read THG, I hated it, and Mockingjay most of all. But I reread it a few months ago with a new perspective and liked it a lot more. Mockingjay was my favorite. XD
    I thought the movie was really awesome. I didn’t mind the lack of action, but I do think it could have been done in one movie. I liked the propos, too.
    I went with my friend who hadn’t read the books, so I anticipated everything. XD
    At the end, it was really cool because someone whistled the mockingjay song. 😀

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  3. Safah @ Midnight Pageturners says:

    It’s great to hear some positive feedback! I was so worried when everyone kept saying it was boring, hopefully I’ll love it as much as the first two! ( and sorry I haven’t commented in a while, new blog design and changes have kept me insanely busy! ) x

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  4. Safah @ Midnight Pageturners says:

    Also a teensy request, I never really ask for comments since i get its pretty annoying but I’d love it if you could read my most recent post and comment your opinion on the new changes to the content of my blog, some feedback would mean so much to me since as excited as I am about the changes I’m a little apprehensive as they’re so big!

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  5. drowninmelancholy says:

    To be honest, I liked the mockingjay movie better than the book. For me, the third part of the series was so boring and hard to read. But the movie was quite good in my opinion. And yeah, maybe they wouldn’t have needed to split it, but I think it ended at an interesting point. My sister didn’t read the books, and she was so frightened of that scene when Peeta attacks Katniss, that she made a hole into her pullover :’D


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