Winter Book Haul | 2015

I haven’t done a Book Haul in a few months, since October I think, and during the past few months I’ve gotten a few books so I think I’ll just make a haul now. I haven’t actually bought many but I’ve received a few. I’ll first talk about ARCs that I’ve received from Publishers, Giveaways, etc… Then I’ll go into Finished Copies that I’ve received and bought. BTW, this won’t be in the order that I got them.

Here we go : image

-Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas (ARC)

I requested this title back in November when I was browsing through Bloomsbury’s Catalog because the premise sounded interesting and I loved the cover, I got a reply saying I was added to the request list and it showed up in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to Bloomsbury! This book releases on June 2, 2015. Look for a review closer to that date. image

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab  (ARC)

This book I won in a giveaway Tor was having a couple weeks ago. Haven’t read any of her previous books, but this one sounds good. I’ll read it soon.

Release Date : February 24, 2015


-Bones & All by Camille DeAngelis (ARC)

I’m part of the street team for this book and I got a starter swag bag and this was it (:

Release Date : March 10, 2015


-Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver (ARC)

I got this Arc from a giveaway hosted by another blog here. I’ve read it, and I’ve written my review, it’ll be up in early March. I totally loved it though (:

Release Date : March 10, 2015 image

-When by Victoria Laurie (ARC) 

I requested this in December last year . I’ve read it and reviewed it here. Thanks to Disney Hyperion for the review copy!

Release Date : January 13, 2015

Exquisite Captive.jpg

-Exquisite Captive by Heather Demetrios (ARC)

I won this from a giveaway a blogger was hosting on Twitter. I’ve heard a lot of great things about it

Release Date : October 7, 2014 wpid-cam00045.jpg

Velvet by Temple West (ARC)

How To Say I Love You Out Loud by Karole Cozzo (ARC) 

These were both sent to me by Swoon Reads (Macmillan), I’m really looking forward to both of these (:

Velvet releases on May 12, 2015

How To Say I Love You Out Loud releases on August 4, 2015

Now onto the Harper Collins Packages. I requested 4 titles from them and they sent me two packages containing 10 arcs. Receiving those packages were really a highlight for me , so many thanks to them and I look forward to reviewing all of these. image

-Finding Paris by Joy Preble (ARC)

This one I requested because I loved the premise and the cover is beautiful. It’s about 2 sisters, Paris and Leo, and Paris goes missing and Leo is trying to find her. I love those books with the sister relationship because that’s something I always wished I had.

Release Date : April 21, 2015


-Every Last Promise by Kristin Malbrook (ARC)

I also requested this one. It’s about a girl who witnesses a sexual assault and she has to decide whether or not she should say something, but it’s a lot more complicated then that. It’s sounds like it’s going to be great!

Release Date : April 21, 2015 image

-City Love by Susane Colasanti (ARC)

I also requested this one and I’m so excited about it. I’ve read all her books (except for the last one) and I’ve loved them all. She writes such cute contemporary novels. My favorites are Something Like Fate, So Much Closer and Keep Holding On. This book is the first in a trilogy about 3 incoming freshman girls living in New York and discovering life. Release Date : April 21, 2015

The rest of these were sent unsolicited (:


-99 Days by Katie Cotugno (ARC)

This one is about a girl who broke a boy’s heart for his brother and now has to spend an entire summer with the both of them. Sounds interesting, and from what I got from the synopsis it looks like she still loves the other guy.

Release Date : April 21, 2015 image

-None of the Above by J. W. Gregorio (ARC)

This book is about this girl who lived a great life until she finds out she’s ‘intersex’ apparently she’s a girl outwardly but she has male chromosomes and male ‘parts’ ; but she’s not a transgender….. I’m really confused as to what exactly that means. If she’s outwardly a female, how can she have male parts? And how didn’t she know about it until she was diagnosed? I guess the only way for me to find out is to read it. All the Goodreads reviews I’ve seen seem positive so we’ll see.

Release Date : April 7, 2015


-Invincible by Amy Reed (ARC)

This one is a cancer story. It’s about a girl who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she’d been told she should be dead by now, but she’s not. Apparently, somehow she seems to be given a second chance at life, and it seems to be a love story. Sounds a bit like TFiOS, but not really. I’m intrigued.

Release Date : April 28, 2015 image

-The Secrets of Attraction by Robin Constantine (ARC)

This cover, at first I didn’t like it, but then I noticed something and I feel like it might be relevant to the story, I’ll go into it in my review. Anyway, this follows two teens who become friends and fall in love, it seems like your basic contemporary, and I think I’ll like it. It says that it’s perfect for fans of Stephanie Perkins, and that’s me so yeah.

Release Date : April 28, 2015


-Trouble From the Start by Rachel Hawthorne (ARC)

I actually have read one or two of her books before and I really liked them. This book is a companion to The Boyfriend Project which I have not yet read but since it’s a companion I don’t think I need to. It’s about a good girl falling for a bad boy, my type of book lol (: It says fans of Susane Colasanti and Stephanie Perkins ☺ will enjoy it.

Release Date: April 28, 2015the pretty app.jpg

– The Pretty App by Katie Sise (ARC)

Release Date: April 14, 2015


 – Wrong About The Guy by Claire Lazebrik (ARC) 

I’ve actually read one of her previous books called Epic Fail, and I really enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to seeing what this one is like.

Release Date: April 21, 2015

Finished Copies: (I’m just going to get a picture of the cover from Goodreads for these, because taking an individual picture of the books is getting a little tiring )


– The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton (HC)

This was sent to me by the publisher for an honest review, so thank you so much Candlewick! I did start it, but I stopped half way through, not because it wasn’t good, but because I wasn’t in the mood then. It’s really good so far though!

The Secrets of Life and Death

– The Secrets of Life and Death by Rebecca Alexander (PB) 

I got this book from Random House through their Blogging for Books Program.


 – The Scorch Trials by James Dashner (PB) 

I purchased this myself from a book sale. I’ve seen the movie, loved it, so now I’m gathering all the books to read them.

Beggar Magic

 – Beggar Magic by H.L Burke (PB)

This was sent to me by the author for an honest review!

                                                     My Delicate Destruction (Wolfegang #1)Shadows in Darkness (Wolfegang #2)

 – My Delicate Destruction by Jillian Ashe  (PB)  -Shadows In Darkness by Jillian Ashe (PB)

               Both of these were sent to me for review by the author. I love the premise so I’m looking forward to it.

Champion (Legend, #3)

 -Champion by Marie Lu (HC)

I loved this series, but I don’t own the physical books, so I’m getting them piece by piece.

The Sparks (Feud, #1)

– The Sparks by Kyle Prue (PB)

This book was sent to my by the publisher for an honest review ♥ It was written when he was 15 years old, so that should be pretty interesting.

Alright, this post is getting a bit too long, I have about 4 more books, a few of which haven’t arrived yet, so I’ll just include those in my next haul.

Let me know if you have or want to read any of these!




18 thoughts on “Winter Book Haul | 2015

  1. Amber (YA Indulgences) says:

    Whoa, Because You’ll Never Meet Me. I am dying to read that. I was hoping i’d show up on Netgalley to be requested so far, no such luck. The premise sounds fascinating.

    I can’t wait to read Vanishing Girls.

    How To Say I Love You Out Loud sounds interesting, I read about it a couple weeks ago.

    I have E-ARCS for almost all of your Harper titles, the first six anyway. 🙂 I love that Finding Paris cover too. I had no idea City Love was going to be a trilogy of books. Huh, that’s awesome though! More NY, yes please.

    Oh my gosh, I read None of The Above and loved it.

    Ok, so a transgender is a person whose born in the wrong body, they believe they’re a guy/woman in a woman/man’s body, but they haven’t had surgery and identify as the gender they believe they are. A transexual is the same, but they’re actually “transforming” for a lack of better term to the opposite sex through surgery or hormones.

    A person who is interest has been born with parts of both sexes and their chromosomes weren’t right. But just because they’re both with both parts, it doesn’t mean both parts are fully visible, which is the case with the MC.

    It can be hard to tell if a person is intersex because, I mean, physically they may not be able to tell anything is different. I imagine anyway. But then like, there may be the lack of puberty changes, like it is with the MC in None of The Above.

    I hope that, er, helped a little? Haha. The book actually talks a bit about homosexuality and transgenders/sexuals and how that can “be” with some people who are interest.

    I need to read TSaBSoAL sometime, I was crazy about that book last year but never got around to reading it. I have the first two books of The Maze Runenr too, which I need to read. I want to read the Legend series, I’ve heard it’s great and part of the inspiration behind it is Les Miserables, which I’m crazy about.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят says:

      Oh it’s not on there? I thought it was, they’ll probably start taking requests maybe in a month or so, idk. I’ll let you know what I think (:
      Vanishing Girls is fantastic, you’ll love it 💕
      Yes, a lot of her fans had asked if she was ever going to write a series, so she decided to write her first one, I think it’s gonna be great.
      Thanks! That actually helped a lot because I’d never heard of intersex before and I was confused. Glad you loved the book! 🙂
      You should totally read Legend, it’s so good! It’s my favorite dystopian series, and I’ve read quite a few including THG and Divergent.


      • Amber (YA Indulgences) says:

        I have no idea. It was listed for a couple months, but there was no “Request” button, but it had a “Let the publisher know you want it to be requestablet” or whatever button. But now it says that since last month’s it’s been archived. 😦 So may there was a small window for the publishing? I don’t know, super disappointed though. Great, thanks. 🙂

        Good to know about Vanishing Girls, I’ve never read one of Oliver’s books, despite having Before I Fall.

        That sounds so great, I’d love a series with college age characters<3

        You’re welcome! 🙂 The book was really informative about that kind of thing, plus I already knew the basics.

        I totally will. I’m waiting for the first book to go on sale (again) for the Kindle so I can buy it. I’ve read the first two THG books and really liked them.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят says:

        Yea, because I remember seeing it on there once but it doesn’t make sense for it to be archived already since it’s not published, maybe they’ll make it available again closer to the release? I don’t know if it’s on Edelweiss or not, but that’s a possibility (:

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Josie says:

    So many books, ah! All of these look wonderful and there are quite a few in here that I have picked out and written down as books I would like to potentially pick up and read! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on all of them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Maya says:

    Oh MY GOODNESS! So many books I want to read!!
    A Darker Shade of Magic has so much promise- I bet it’ll be magical and dark read knowing VE Schwab:) The premise is fascinating and truly original! And as a lover of London it’ll be nice to see three different kinds of London;)
    I think I’ll try City Love because I haven’t read any of her books lately but I love some contemporary romance novels:D
    I like the way the plot of Invincible radiates with hope:)
    I’ve heard so much about the Ava Lavender one- can’t wait to see your final verdict!
    The Legend series is amazing! I love every one of those books and the final ending jumps in joy was beautiful!
    Have fun reading these!
    Maya @ anotheronceuponatime

    Liked by 1 person

    • ωσя∂ѕωєнєαят says:

      Yes, the premises for ADSOM is so interesting, I love the three London side of it all.
      Her books are all so great (except for All I Need which I didn’t enjoy as much) and I think this one will follow in those footsteps (:
      I love the Legend series and the ending was amazing, a lot of people didn’t like it but I did. Xx


  4. Safah @ Midnight Pageturners says:

    Wow amazing haul! Especially excited to hear what you think of Exquisite Captive, it’s definitely a unique premise! Hope you enjoy all the ones you have yet to read 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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