How to create a header | Blogging 101

Okay, so this is a question that someone asked me to answer as part of this series, in case you haven’t read my first post in this series, here it is, it’s all about ARCs and that fun stuff (:

This one is going to be explaining how I get my header

I changed my theme recently, but I did keep the same header:

wpid-2015-02-24-16-35-20.jpg     ⇒⇒⇒    wpid-2015-03-14-13-27-39.jpg

Here is how I got it:

  1.  First find a picture you’d like to write your site’s name upon. I reccommend getting the app We Heart It, because it has a bunch of tumblr pictures, all you have to do is look up what you’d like. I looked up dream catcher and picked that picture.
  2. Next, once you’ve found your picture you can get the app Phonto and just write your site’s name, or get PicsArt which is an amazing app that does everything. I used PicsArt, wrote Words We Heart onto the picture, edited it a bit with masking, you can do whatever you’d like, that app has everything you’d ever need to edit a picture. Once I was done I cropped the image to  a nice size so that it could fit nicely. This is my Dimensions: 1040 × 249.
  3. I don’t know if your theme allows a header/ logo, the theme I have right now allows a header and a logo, my logo is the one that says my sites name and my header is the whitish picture behind it. My old theme, Adelle, didn’t allow for a logo, well it only allowed for one, so that’s why there was no picture behind my sites name. So you have to check with your theme to see.

In order to check go to Customize   Capture

Then sitetl

Add Your Logo but in order for it to not appear like this  this

and more like this that

you have to make sure that the Display Header Text box is unchecked dislpaly

For the Adelle theme it’s pretty much the same process, the Display Header Box has to remain unchecked, but do you notice that my site title is still written, you have to keep it written in there or your site loses it’s title. I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same for all the other themes that allow a header/ logo.

Hope this helped! Thanks to Literate Girl in an Illiterate World for asking about this topic, if you have any topics you’d like me to cover then leave them below!

Here’s my first post of this series, it’s all about ARCs (: 


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