Shadowhunters TV Show | Clary , Alec and Luke Casting

Katherine McNamara

We have our Clary!

Katherine McNamara has been cast as Clary Fray in ABC Family’s adaptation of Shadowhunters. 

I have no idea who she is, so let’s IMBD her.

She started of on Broadway. and she’s been on a couple Disney shows. She’s 19 and 5’4 which is perfect.

I’m pretty okay with this, I mean she does look like her, I know she’s blond right now, but I hope when they color her hair they give her the deeper red that Lily had because I think that fit Clary better.

Now we have  Alec and Magnus as the rest of the main characters left to be casted. There are obviously others like Max, The Lightwood Parents, Hodge, Church (lol). I don’t care much for Alec’s casting because I don’t care much for his character, but oh dear lord they better get Magnus right, I mean I rant about this and about how Godfrey is so perfect in every casting post I’ve made, but really, I’m waiting

What are your thoughts on our Clary?

Lol, Apparently I’m really behind on all this because Alec and Luke have also been casted.

Matthew Daddario has been cast as Alec Lightwood and Isaiah Mustafa has been cast as Luke Garroway

Matthew Daddario Picture

This is Matthew, aka Alec. I mean like I said, I don’t really care about this casting, but I do see it, kind of.

According to IMDB he’s been in a couple movies.


I don’t think I’ve seen any of them but yeah.

What are your thoughts on Alec? I know a lot of you love him. I really liked Kevin as him in the movie, but I’m open minded.

Now let’s talk about Luke.

Isaiah Mustafa Picture

This isn’t the Luke I think anyone imagined, but I dig it. I can’t wait to see Jocelyn now lol. This is great, I can totally see him as Luke the werewolf.

According to IMDB he’s been in Horrible Bosse, Nikita (which is the show Tori’s character in Divergent plays in) and a lot of others.

Apparently in the show Luke is a NYPD detective, which I mean, that’s cool. That’s a nice twist to his character. In the book he owned a book store, but being a detective in the show does make him more badass, and Isaiah has been in NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles so he probably knows how to play the detective role well.

I’m loving this cast so far.

What about you guys? Who’s been your favorite casting so far? Least Favorite?

My favorite would probably be Izzy, or Jace.


11 thoughts on “Shadowhunters TV Show | Clary , Alec and Luke Casting

  1. SERIESous Book Reviews says:

    So far the casting is working PERFECTLY for me! Casting for Magnus though could make or break it for me.

    Izzy and Alec actually look like siblings a bit so I really like this casting! And Clary works perfectly if you can’t have Lily Collins 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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