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First of all, I just want to apologize for the lack of posts, I’m really on a sort of hiatus right now, because this is a stressful time in the year for a high school junior. I’ll post as often as I can, but not as often.

Okay, so anyway, a couple weeks ago, we got our Magnus and Valentine casting, and a couple days ago we got Jocelyn. I held of on posting about the former castings, because I wanted a little time to get my head wrapped around it. 


This is our Magnus, played by Harry Shum Jr. if he looks familiar you’ve probably seen him on Glee. I watched Glee for a little while, and I really enjoyed him in there, but I’m also pretty biased on this because of how much I loved Godfrey, but now that I’ve had time to think about it. I’m more okay with it. I mean, I don’t know, he’s a good actor, I think he’ll do good as Magnus.

Then we have Valentine


Alan Van Sprang. I had issues with him. He plays King Henry on Reign which I love, he was great in there. I still haven’t finished s1, but from what I saw of him, he played him well, so I think he can pull of Valentine acting wise. Here’s where my issues came from. He’s bald, and I know he can grow hair obviously, this is him with hair:

Great, he could color it white, but he’s bald as of now and hair doesn’t just grow overnight, so by the time they start filming, he’ll still be bald. I know you all might think, it’s not that important, but Valentine is supposed to be this gorgeous boy with white hair that everyone was in love with. I’m not saying he’s unattractive, but he’s just not the Valentine I pictured. Also, this might be unpopular opinion, but I actually liked movie Valentine, I know he had black hair and braids, but I think he had the vibe of Valentine, and in the pictures of the Circle that they showed, he fit so well.

I mean, I think he’s gorgeous. I think he fit him, and they probably kept his hair black because they thought it gave him a more sinical vibe. The white hair probably seemed too Angelic to them, even though that was probably the point.

Honestly, I’m not too mad about it, because at least hair or not, I know he’ll do the part justice.

Jocelyn played by Maxim Roy

She’s french, well not french, she’s Canadian, but she speaks french, which I really like. I hope she has an accent in the show. Jocelyn in the show apparently runs a store, guess she’s not a painter anymore, I wonder how they’re going to explain the portrait of her “dad” then.  I’ve never heard of her. She’s actually been in a lot of different things which is great. Once they color her hair red, then I think she’ll be perfect!

What are your thoughts on the castings so far?



3 thoughts on “Magnus, Valentine and Jocelyn Casting | Shadowhunters

  1. thewritinghufflepuff says:

    I really love the cast so far! I agree with you on Alan van Sprang- he was great on Reign so I’m sure he’ll pull Valentine off! Maybe he’ll wear a wig? Though I’m not sure white hair will suit him… Anyway, good luck with school! 🙂

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