I’m Back | Review Requests Update

Hi guys, well I never really left,but I haven’t been super active. So today was my last exam. I’m officially on vacation and I’m also officially a senior (: :):)

Which means I’ll be blogging more often now,both here and on my other one , and I’ll also start replying to all the requests I’ve gotten since April.

Currently I have 72 unread emails and about 50 through the Google form (which I have to find a more efficient way of reading those) so yeah, that’ll take me awhile. I also have a tower of review books I need to get down.

So if you’ve emailed me around April and after that, and haven’t gotten a reply, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your request was denied, it just was never read. Now due to all the requests I have to go through, I won’t be able to reply to those I’m denying, so if you don’t hear back from me within the next 2 weeks, then it’s because it was denied. Please don’t email me again asking about it, because that just makes more emails for me to go through. Already, I’ve seen repeats which shouldn’t of been because it clearly states in my Policy page right now that I wouldn’t be reading the requests until the end of June. 

Thank you so much for your understanding!



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