Owl Post | Blogging For Books Edition


        So today I got this book in the mail. I requested from Blogging For Books for review. I haven’t read Ready Player One, it didn’t sound like my thing, but I’m willing to give this one a try.

      Have you read this yet? Thoughts?

As a little update for me, I’m currently trying to finish The Grisha Trilogy (I’m on book 2) I already wrote my review for Shadow and Bone and that should go up soon and then after that I’ll have to read Jane Eyre as my summer assignment for AP next year. Has anyone read it? Is it good?


15 thoughts on “Owl Post | Blogging For Books Edition

  1. Looking4Books says:

    This is one of my books waiting to be read. I will wait to your review before read it because I have doubts, it’s a long book and i’m not sure if i will like. By the way, I have nominated you to do the 3 days, 3 quotes challenge. If you want not participate I apologize for the inconvenience. See you! 🙂

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  2. Kelly says:

    I got the same book yesterday! I requested it because I’m a huge need and love anything science fiction and video game related! I haven’t read Ready Player One either, but this sounds so good.

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  3. readingwithcupcakes says:

    I have read it. I got it from the same source actually. I think since you haven’t read Ready Player One yet you may like it. So many people out there have been reading Armada and comparing it to Ready Player one and then hating on Armada.

    I have read both and I enjoyed this one well enough. It is actually one of my most popular reviews believe it or not.

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