Spotlight Thursday | Announcement

Hey guys, 

So I’ve gotten so many review request from Indie authors, and I’ve denied quite a few because the book just didn’t seem like a right fit for me. I try to recommend them other blogs in my rejection reply, but I decided that I’d like to just start this Spotlight feature on here. I think I’ve seen some other blogs do it as well, and I decided to do it as well. 

So basically, it’ll be very Thursday, and I will Spotlight one or a few Indie books that day. So, when you email me your request, make sure to include whether or not you’d want a spot on the Spotlight. I’ll try to reply to all the request I’m rejecting as well and I’ll ask them if they’d like a Spotlight. Though the book might’ve not been right for me at that time, it could be for someone else, and I’d be more than happy to promote it. 

So yeah, tell me what you guys think of this idea! The first post won’t be this Thursday, because I already have a Guest Post scheduled for that day, but I’ll start next week. I’m really going to try to do this weekly, and if that doesn’t work out, then bi-monthly. 

If you’re an author and you’d like to get your book featured then email me with the subject “Spotlight Thursday” 




6 thoughts on “Spotlight Thursday | Announcement

  1. Kelly says:

    This is a brilliant idea. I should do something like this on my blog, too…I get a lot of emails about review requests, too, but it’s so nice to at least try to promote their books some. Awesome =]

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