Taming the Star Runner by S. E Hinton | Review & Giveaway

(Little Update, I’ve been trying to post this for the past couple of days, but I’ve had some difficulties so that’s why it’s a bit late)

Today, I’m taking part in the Banned Book Tour for Random House, I’ll be reviewing Taming The Star Runner by S. E Hinton.

Travis is the epitome of cool, even when he’s in759947 trouble. But when he’s sent to stay with his uncle on a ranch in the country, he finds that his schoolmates don’t like his tough city ways. He does find friendship of a sort with Casey, who runs a riding school at the ranch. She’s the bravest person Travis has ever met, and crazy enough to try to tame the Star Runner, her beautiful, dangerous horse who’s always on edge, about to explode. It’s clear to Travis that he and the Star Runner are two of a kind: creatures not meant to be tamed.

I picked that book out because she wrote The Outsiders (which I haven’t read) but I wanted to try one of her books. I enjoyed the book as a whole. It had many aspects that actually reminded me of The Catcher In The Rye (which I didn’t really enjoy), but Travis and Holden (I think that was his name) read similarly to me. The story, I enjoyed better than Holden’s. It’s a really short book, just under 200 pages, so it’s a fast read. I liked the plot of the book, and how the story flowed. I can’t make a comparison to her other works because this is the only one I’ve read, but so far so good.

Has anyone else read this? Let me know!


Random House is offering you guys the chance to win one copy of the book as well a special poster that they are creating in honor of this week that says “All the books you never would have read” and features the spines of many of these banned books.

If you want to win, all you have to do is follow me on Twitter and follow Random House on Twitter, and of course follow my blog (through wordpress, or bloglovin, ect.., just pick one), and comment below your twitter user name and you email too if you don’t have it posted on your contact page. If you followed through Bloglovin, be sure to leave that user as well (: 




4 thoughts on “Taming the Star Runner by S. E Hinton | Review & Giveaway

  1. clickclickmycat says:

    Hello Brandon, I did the follows. @AudreyS23511436 Great Giveaway! Count me in. I had no idea that some of those books were banned. (jozywails@gmail.com)

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