Hey guys,

It’s me!

I know it’s been awhile, but I want to get back here. Life has been so busy that this hasn’t really been a priority. College is really nothing like High School. You’d think since I’m taking fewer classes and making my own schedule, I’d have more time right? Nope. To be honest, it seems like the days get shorter. I used to love coming here and writing, and lately it hasn’t felt like that. This felt like a chore, and it should never be that. That’s why I haven’t really been accepting many review request from authors and publishers. I just needed to take time off, for me to get back to the place I once was. I mean I haven’t read a book in so long now.

For example you all know how much I love the Throne of Glass series, when Queen of Shadows came out I was on top of it so quickly, but with Empire of Storms, I didn’t even remember that it was coming out. Once I saw that it was released a few weeks after, I ordered it. That was in September and I still have not read it yet.

I want to regain my love for literature, and once that happens I’ll come back here to share it again. I want to stay genuine here, and I can’t do that until I get back. Hopefully, it’ll be soon, I love this blog. I started this my sophomore year of High School, and I’m so proud of how far it’s come, I would never want to give it up.

Hope all is well,


3 thoughts on “SO IT’S BEEN A MINUTE

  1. June M. Pace says:

    Hey worries…we’re here when you are! I doubt your love of literature has disappeared…life can really take you out of your balance. Just start by reading a couple of pages before you fall asleep…make sure you have a book that truly grabs your attention, and in no time the thought of going to bed without a few pages will not make sense to you…thx for checking in with us.

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  2. Athena says:

    I relate! That’s what had happened to me. Life can get so hectic…Take your time to reinvigorate your passions! I hope you feel betters. Sending you lots of love!

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