I’m Ashley, a 23 year old college grad with an ever growing passion for literature. I started this blog as a safe space to share that passion when I was a sophomore in high school. I’ve taken many breaks over the years as I have grown, but one thing that never died is my love for fiction, so I decided to come back to this haven I created so many years ago and give it the love and attention it deserves.

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  1. Hey! Im new to wordpress and I really like your blog. Im trying to make my own but find creating everything somewhat challenging. Any tip on how to set up and make a new blog? Thanks


    1. Well you first just have to start posting, don’t worry about making it look perfect just yet, start writing and with times you’ll find a look that’s right for you. You’ll go through a lot of themes until you find the right one and then you’ll customize it the way you want. It all takes time but just make sure to explore all the options you see on your dashboard, especially in the customize section. Start posting so you have an idea as to what it looks like to a reader (:

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  2. Hi Ashley! I have a new blog that started in January that I run with two other people. We would appreciate it if you could give us some feedback and possibly follow us back.

    Kind Regards,


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