Shadowhunters Casting Talk | Raphael Santiago , Hodge, Meliorn and Camille

It was announced a few weeks ago that Raphael Santiago was going is be played by David Castro.

Shadowhunters Casts Raphael

Here’s his IMDb, he’s been in a couple movies and projects.

See, I’m really not too happy about this, Raphael is pretty much one of my if not my favorite character so I really wanted him the way I pictured him. He’s supposed to have darker skin, and just look more like him. I mean David is Spanish which is great, but I don’t know I just don’t see it as of now, but maybe he’ll change my mind. I guess I’m just being highly picky because I love his character so much but I’ll get used to him more lol.

Then there’s Hodge played by Jon Cor

I mean damnnn… lol. Well he’s a real upgrade from movie Hodge that’s for sure. See some people seem to have an issue with him being so attractive, but I don’t. It was never stated that Hodge wasn’t an attractive guy, I mean Valentine is supposed to be this super sexy guy, so why can’t Hodge be as well. I never payed close enough attention to Hodge to form an opinion on how good he’s look, but this is perfectly fine honestly. I feel like he’s do a great Valentine though, like I know Alan’s acting can do Valentine justice, but this guy’s looks is perfect, and I’m sure his acting skills are great too, he’s been in a lot of projects.

Meliorn played by Jade Hassoune

Jade Hassouné Picture

Perfection, that;s all I gotta say.

Camille Belcourt played by Kaitlyn Leeb

 Kaitlyn Leeb Picture

I think she’s great, no she’s not blonde haired and blue eyes, but she’s still beautiful. She also has the cunning vampire look I think, she’ll do a wonderful job. I feel like she would look more like a Camille, not the one we pictured true but I think she could fit the character well.

What are your thoughts on those castings? So far with all the castings I’ve been pretty satisfied. My favorites remain SImon and Izzy. I was so worried they wouldn’t find such a perfect Simon after Robbie, but they did, I’ve gotten used to him.


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